Many women think that salwar kameez is an outfit which is easy to pull off, but thisis not true!There are certain rules which you must keep in mind to ensure that you do pull off one of those fashion blunders. So, it is recommended to pay good attention to what we have to say on this topic.

To help you avoid any embarrassing moment, we have listed below 6 big NOs to watch out for when wearing a salwar kameez. Let us find out what they are:

6 Things To Avoid When Wearing A Salwar Kameez

1. Ditching Flowy Fabric

Fabrics such as cotton and brocade are not flowy and do not go well with all body types. In fact, such fabrics can make your body shape look bulkier. Instead, we recommend that you opt for fabrics such as crepe, georgette and chiffon which are flowy and light to carry.

Salwar kameezis all about comfort, and if you are carrying anything seemingly heavy, the whole look gets easily destroyed!

2. Accessorising Gone Overboard

Accessorising goes hand-in-hand with salwar kameez, but over-accessorising just does not fit anywhere. With all those bangles and jhumkas in your trinket boxes, you might be tempted to put them all up, but you must stop right there.

There are a few rules about accessorising to keep in mind: go for minimal accessories when wearing a suit made of heavy fabric or embellished with fancy embroidery; kurtas with really bulky neckline do not go well with necklaces, and avoid bangles on a suit with long sleeves.

3. Long Kurta And Patiala

You must never, ever go for a long kurta when wearing a Patiala. There is no point in such amalgamation, as the kurta will completely cover the salwar and will unnecessarily draw attention to your legs.

The rule is simple: Go for short kurtas whenever wearing a Patiala; the kurta should preferably be shorter than your knee length.

4. No Dupatta When There Should Be One

Women have taken the ongoing trend of not wearing a dupatta way too ahead than it should have. There are suits which should be worn with a dupatta such as the one which has elaborate or deep neckline. In case your suit has heavy embroidery done, you can go for a simple chiffon dupatta which adds gorgeousness to the whole look.

5. Too Much Colour Coordination

Colour coordination is good, but anything in excess is bad. You cannot go for the same colour all the time and should incorporate distinct shades of the same colour in case you are unwilling to wear different colours.

The point is to make your appearance look balanced—if you become a stickler for a single colour or shade, then you are not doing justice to the beautiful purpose of salwar kameez.

6. The Inappropriate Footwear

When wearing a salwar kameez, you need to be mindful of what you wear from head to toe. Thus, footwear is to be carefully selected such as long salwar should be worn with juttis, and do not go for heels when the salwar culminates right at the ankle.


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