Saree is regarded as one of the most beautiful traditional dresses in the world. It comes in various styles, colours and fabric and can go well on almost every occasion, even the Cannes festival. However, it is not that easy to keep up with the reputation of saree and avoid certain mistakes which are quite frequently committed.

In this article, we will tell you the mistakes you are forbidden to commit when wearing a saree. Learn from these mistakes and wear that saree the way it should be.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing A Saree

Here are 5 of these mistakes we talked about

1. The Footwear

You cannot go wrong with the footwear. You should know that there are certain classes of footwear forbidden to be coupled with a saree such as slippers and chunky wedges. If you do not have good flats, then it is better to avoid them. Instead, go for block or kitten heels.

2. Too Fancy

Gracefulness is a key element of a saree and we tend to make it more profound by accessorising. However, adding too much bling is a bad idea. In case you are wearing a heavily embroidered saree, wear minimal jewellery possible to avoid looking over-the-top. Even when your saree is plain, do not get tempted into wearing heavy jewellery excessively.

Wear a saree like it should be—gracefully!

3. About The Bags

You do not need a huge bag to beautify your appearance, especially when wearing a saree. Similarly, there are a few kinds of bags which should be totally avoided with a sari such as backpacks, totes and sling bags.

If you are wondering what kind of bags are perfect for a saree look, then we recommend you to go for minaudieres and clutches as they add elegance.

4. Ill-fitted Blouse

Blouse should be of the right size—it should not be too body-hugging or too loose. There are styles which suit only toned bodies, and thus, if you are not confident about wearing any such style, it is better to avoid the same.

Get your blouse to a tailor and have the bra strap holder attached. Many women forget about the bra strip showing off recklessly and this totally destroys the whole look.

5. Too Many Pins

It is not easy to wear a saree, and you will inevitably end up using pins. However, resorting to too many pins will do no good. Use safety pins in a manner that they are not conspicuous and remember that you do not need to put in every pin from the packet into draping the saree.

6. Flared Petticoats

In case you are short or have not drapeda saree much, then you should skip wearing flared petticoats. The reason is that they are not easy to carry and may cause you look even shorter than you really are.

Keep the above tips in mind while draping a saree to bring out the best in you!


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