Black is a beautiful colour that goes well with every skin and body type. It has a distinct class which offers much-needed sophistication regardless of what you are wearing. However, despite the easiness with which one can wear black, one cannot be irresponsible with the same.

Black is often the easiest pick, but it needs to be considered as seriously as any other colour. There are certain things which govern the ways one should wear black—and in case you are somebody who likes all-black, then you must be especially amenable to these things.

You might be wondering what those things are, but do not look anywhere as we have compiled 5 of them in this article for your convenience. Just read along and you will know what it takes to wear all black the right way.

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Wearing All Black

1. Variation In The Texture And Fabric

Many people think that the texture and fabric do not make much difference when you are wearing all-black—but they actually do. Cotton is a favourite amongst most people when it comes to black, but believe us when we say that nothing could more unfashionable than an all-black, cotton outfit. Thus, incorporate variations in the texture and fabric.

2. Season Appropriateness

One more thing to consider about fabric is season appropriateness. For example, during fall, go for a woollen black dress, and linen and silk during summers. You should remember that black contributes to raising body heat and therefore, you should be mindful of the fabric you wear during every season.

3. Do Not Forget The Fit

An all-black outfit works perfectly when there is a well-fitted outfit to wear. Thus, you need to be very conscious about the fitting of the clothing you are willing to pull off all black.

Black makes us look seemingly slimmer—and if you manage to get good fitting clothes to wear, the effect is more profound. Do not go for shapeless clothing if you want to do justice to the classiness of all-black.

4. Accessorising

The panache of black becomes all the more apparent with accessories. Wear colourful and bold jewellery and stiletto heels to get a flawless all-black look. However, make sure you do not go overboard with accessorising which will otherwise kill the class of black.

5. Lipstick

Lipstick will go amazingly with an all-black outfit; however, the shade should depend upon the time of the day. For example, during the day, go for light shades whereas during the night, go for bold shades such as deep red lip.

Follow the above mentioned tips to look your best when dressed in black!


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