Washing jeans is such a bother, but do you know what is more bothersome than this? Well, dealing with totally ridiculous myths about washing your jeans! The number of laundry superstitions revolving around the washing of jeans is incredibly high, and thus, we took it upon ourselves to highlight those which you should totally and immediately give up on.

In this article, we have listed down 5 myths you need to fling into the trash can because they do not make sense and have nothing to do with the well-being of your jeans. So, with this, let us enlighten ourselves, shall we?

5 Myths About Washing Your Jeans

1. Just Be Ruthless

Many people think that denim being a strong fabric can tolerate all forms of ruthlessness during a wash. Well, while we do not disagree to the point about strength, we would like to tell you that regardless of its strength, it still needs to be washed with care and precautions need to be taken in absence of which, your jeans might not stay with you for long.

To prolong the life of your jeans, button up the buttons, pull your jeans inside out and zip them up before washing. Do not overestimate the resilience of the denim!

2. Wearing Jeans In A Hot Bath

You will find a number of YouTube videos demonstrating how one should go about washing the jeans while wearing them in a hot bath. The general directions are running a hot bath, going inside while wearing white jeans, and staying there until the water cools down. In all likelihood, not much difference will be there once you are out of the bath.

3. Only Hand-Wash

Perhaps, the most popular myth on the list: you should only hand-wash the jeans. While there are some genuine apprehensions associated with the use of washing machine, there is no absolute bar to use it for washing denim.

Experts suggest that hand-wash and machine wash do not necessarily make any difference; however, one must be extra careful while using the latter. The former method is better in many aspects, as it, inter alia, allows greater control on the temperature and intensity of the wash.

4. Do Not Wash Your Jeans Ever

We do not know from where this myth originated and why it gets so much acceptance—but, quite honestly and unapologetically, you should not believe in this claim and should wash your jeans once in a while.

Experts recommend that jeans should be washed after having worn for 5-6 times. In case there is any contact with bodily fluids or food, then you should get your jeans washed immediately. However, there is an exception: raw denim.

The case of raw denim is a bit different because it is unwashed denim and is comparably stiffer than other forms of denim. It is created to adapt to the shape of the wearer. Thus, it is often suggested that one should only wash raw denim once it gets its shape.

5. Freezing The Jeans

The idea behind freezing jeans is to get rid of bacteria, but it fails eventually. While there is veracity in the fact that bacteria can be eliminated under low temperatures, it is not certainlyidealto undertake this process for denim. The problem is that once jeans are out of the freezer, the frozen bacteria will thaw and resume their business eventually—all hard work goes to waste.

So, the next time, if you happen to tumble upon any such myths or ideas, do remember the above stated for sure!


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