Winter is that time of the year when laziness gets the best out of you, and frostbite becomes a bigger concern than fashion. But it is also the season which gives you the opportunity to wear some pretty fashionable stuff which is also weatherproof. Following a trend means changing your winter wardrobe collection frequently, but not everybody has got the money for it, so why not invest in these classic essentials which will never get outdated?

Here are 9 wardrobe essentials to the let you keep a balance between the dropping temperature and fashion.

Top 9 Wardrobe Essentials for Winter

1. Knee-high boots

They will not only keep your feet warm but also keep your fashion in check. They can be worn with nearly everything – jeans, skirt and even a dress. You can go with the famous black or browns ones, but trying out a different color never hurts. If the weather is too extreme, then you can opt for snowboots. Keep in mind the importance of cleaning them every then and now.

2. Beanie or an earmuff

Nobody likes to get the wind blown straight into their ears and to stop that one needs to purchase a beanie or perhaps an earmuff. They come in different shapes and colors. They are known to elevate cuteness so pick the one that suits you the best!

3. Wool coat

This one is considered as a staple in anyone’s winter essentials and gets better if they are black which, obviously, is considered the classic. But it sure doesn’t hurt to buy more than just one, because, let’s be honest, you are probably going to wear it for the most part of the winter.

4. Scarf

They protect your neck from the wind and also adds class to your look. They go really well with jeans. Moreover, they can come handy if the temperature drops abruptly.

5. Leather jacket

Everyone needs to own at least leather that you can layer over your other clothes. A black one would do the job of complementing pretty well.

6. Sweater

Did I have to even mention it? Stack your wardrobe with endless colorful sweaters. You can also go with a hand-knitted one which reeks of comfort and coziness.

7. Tights

It might be winter, but the urge to wear a dress is eternal. Tights will quell this thirst of yours. Make sure you get one that is thick and of good quality. You can pair it with your skirt as well to get a chic look

8. Blazer

A formal occasion pops up regardless of the season, and hence having a blazer for that sudden interview is always good, but don’t confine it to the office. It is believed to give an edge even to a very simple look.

9. Turtleneck

Are you a skirt lover? Nothing looks better than a turtleneck top and a cute skirt. You can even discard your scarf for a day under its company because a turtleneck will manage to do the job of protecting your neck fairly well.


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