Earlier days scarves used to be the garment used to avoid the extreme cold weather. But each day fashion and style is changing constantly. Today’s trend says something else. Now, scarves are the most stylish accessory one can carry with to suit any clothing style and type. It comes in various colors and lengths which enhances the beauty as well as adds style and comfort to your outfit.

You may choose a variety of scarf for a different occasion but would it not be better if you knew few extra styles to activate that oomph factor? Here are 6 ways of how you can style your scarf this winter:

6 Ways to style your Scarf this winter

  1. Waterfall knot: This method of styling your scarf can add more beauty and will make you super cozy in the winter season. Spin your scarf around your neck by keeping one end a bit longer than the other end. Coil around the lengthier end once and hold the end that was first looped around by sheltering it by the top layer of the scarf. Now to complete the style fill in the top corner of the scarf into the loop making it not imperceptible. Once completed, you can notice the side droops which looks like a waterfall.
  2. Slipknot: This is the easiest way of styling your scarf and is suitable for any kind of events. Here you need to first half fold your scarf and coil it around your neck. Now take both the loose end of your scarf and pull it into the loop. You may fix the scarf according to your comfort and can also leave the knot in a loose position if you want to.
  3. Scarf wrap: Another simple and super stylish way of taking a scarf is to just wrap around your shoulders with your scarf and that’s it. You can adjust as you may like to anytime.
  4. Ophelia: In this style, you need to twist your scarf and fold in half. Drape it behind your neck. Now pull the loose ends of the scarf through the loop, so that the ends are hanging below. After adjusting the ends, alter one of the ends by coiling it around your neck. Tighten the curl as your comfort and let the twirl end of the scarf hang down.
  5. Knot shawl: You can also use your scarf as a shawl and beat this winter without feeling cold. Here you require a long length scarf, you have to pull the scarf around your shoulders with the ends at the back. Tie the knot with the two ends. Once the knot is tied, now cover the knot with the scarf and adjust it as per your requirement.
  6. Scarf belt: Who said scarves are just for the neck? Fashion trends have been upgrading and another trend that has emerged with scarves it the scarf belt. You need to style by coiling the scarf around your waist and just tie a simple knot which transforms the whole look.

Image Credit: tobebright.com


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