Finding a perfect pair of shoes for your outfit is like adding an icing on the cake. You can’t add banana icing to a chocolate cake. Doing so won’t end the world, but most of us would prefer a better icing, won’t we? Similarly, there are certain rules to make your outfit and shoes in sync with each other. This list contains 9 simple and easy tips to keep in mind while you are rummaging through your closet in the hope of finding a pair of shoes that actually goes with your outfit.


Loafers are slip-on shoes, and they can be worn with ease without sacrificing style (how cool is that!). They will go well with your jeans and comfortable tops to create a very going-to-grab-my-coffee look. Or, you could pair them with jeans and throw on blazer which will give off an office look.


They go with almost anything – skirt, dress, jeans…. You name it. Personally, I think a pair of black and brown boots needs to be a part of every girl’s closet.

6 Ways to Pair Your Shoes with the Outfit


They look amazing with a maxi dress, or you could wear them with an off-shoulder top. If you have a pair of gladiator boot then it’s a whole different story as you need pair it up with your shorts, or a short dress.


Trainers and Jackets are made for each other pair, and it is even better if you have got a denim jacket. And don’t forget to wear them along with your black jeans. If you are into leather jeans, they would do the styling job just fine.


They are the coolest way to flaunt your gorgeous legs, and as a result work the best with shorts. They can be paired up even with ripped jeans.


Got a red carpet type of an occasion? I am talking about grand parties and wedding!

I can’t name another shoe that would accentuate so well with that gorgeous gown, perhaps, with a high slit.

Below are some common ideas relevant to every pair of shoes and outfit

Opposite attracts: colour contrast

If your outfit is what you call plain and simple then garnish it with something bright like red to add some life to it. On the other hand, bright outfits should be worn with shoes of subdued colour. The concept for contrast works in every sphere of your life, so you better learn it by heart.

Shade matching

Gone are the days when matching everything was considered to be cool. Avoid wearing a navy blue outfit with a navy blue shoes. If you insist on wearing everything of the same colour then at least make sure your shoe is a shade darker or lighter than your selected outfit.


The season definitely plays a major role when it comes to outfit and shoes. Summer would be a dress and gladiator type of season whereas winter is the type when you need to stuff your body with them jacks and knee-high boots.


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