Nowadays, when looking good on Instagram and Snapchat has become so important, making a fashion related blunder is considered a sin. You obviously wouldn’t want to be a part of those casual conversations where your mismatched outfits are targeted. Newly recruited? Or are just not good at fashion, whatever be the case, you just need a little guidance to pick the right kind of silhouette for your office. Fret not; we are here to the rescue! We would guide you with whatever that you are going wrong. Keep on reading:

1. Floral Outfits:

Unless you are layering a formal overcoat over your floral top, we would suggest you to simply drop it even if it is summer. Too much of color and floral pattern just don’t go right in a workspace where the colors white, blue, and black are worshipped. Instead, we would suggest you pick solid apparels for your formal wear.

7 Outfits You Should Avoid Wearing to Office

2. Yoga Pants/Pant Suits:

We are hoping that you would not want to leave an impression as if you have just woken up, tied your hair up, and have come to the office. Say a big NO to the extra tight yoga pants or extra loose tracksuit while picking your outfits for office. Needless to say, they just don’t go with the professional world.

3. Graphic Tee/Sweatshirt:

While they are just perfect for an airport look, please don’t choose to wear them to your office. Even if you are feeling cold and want to cuddle up inside something warmer, we would suggest you buy a nice overcoat for yourself and drop the idea of wearing a graphic tee or sweatshirt to your office.

4. Crop Tops:

Maybe we are acting like a rule book that doesn’t even exist; wearing a crop top to your workplace is a big no-no. Even if your crop top is without a text or caption, you must not wear it to your office. Replace it with a solid formal shirt or maybe with a basic T-shirt.

5. Animal Print:

It is not a party, it is a workplace. Animal prints can be too distracting and overwhelming for other people to process at one time. Replace it with a basic pencil skirt and a basic shirt to make it a perfect formal outfit. Something neutral can go a long way when it comes to formal wears.

6. Tops with a deep neckline:

One thing you want to remember while picking up outfits for your office is that you need to keep them light and decent. Something with a deep neckline that would let your cleavage show a little too much would be very inappropriate for a formal wear.

7. Ripped Denim:

We get it that they are so much in style these days but you could just keep them to your day events or clubbing, maybe? Replace your over the top ripped denim with formal pants and you will be good to go.


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