Looking forward to enjoying a very relaxing beach day? Or perhaps a long vacation? You could name a hundred things that you wish to dump into your bag, but there are some essentials you cannot do without. This list contains 6 beachwear essentials.

1. Swimsuit

It might sound like I am stating the obvious, but this is the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard the word “beach”, and hence deserves to be number one on the list. For now, one piece swimming suit is having its moment, but you are free to go through all your options before selecting the right one. A bikini might be your call, or perhaps a tankini or you could dig a little further and find something different.

6 Must Own Beachwear

2. Sunglass

This one has not just style benefits, but also health benefits. Scorching heat is known to damage your eyes, and the danger is more intense in places like a beach, so you need to select one with a thick frame so as to protect your eyes, but don’t spend too much as losing them around the beach is a something that happens very often.Refrain from shopping online as finding a one that perfectly goes with your face is no easy task

3. Tote bag

A visit to the beach calls for not just your presence, but a various number of things like a bottle of sunscreen, towel, and perhaps even a book provided you are a reader. Tote Bags are lightweight, and spacious enough to carry all your bearings. The beach is bound to dirty the bag,but Tote Bags are easy to clean and keeps the sand at bay. You might find one with a beach theme on it.

4. A cover-up

You need something, something hot, to cover up your lovely swimsuit and what is better than a maxi dress? You could try a lace maxi dress, preferably the classic white one, or you could opt for a floral maxi. Not a big fan of dresses? In that case, you can always go for a plain t-shirt and shorts.

Finally, whatever you choose, be careful with the white ones because you don’t want to go home with a sandy coloured maxi.

5. T-strap Sandal

If you want to be beach-ready from head to toe then it is going to be incomplete without a sandal. T-strap has been specified since the normal flip-flop type will make you add extra pressure while walking. T-strap sandals are pretty and they complete your beach look.

6. Oversized Beach hat

You need a final touch, and a beach hat is going to give you that. It protects your face from the burning sun, but most importantly it gives you a glamorous and stylish look. A straw hat, specially made for the beach look, is the ideal one for this occasion. Small advice – If you have a small face, and small body, you need to go for a slightly smaller hat since big ones won’t go well.


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