Now being lazy here doesn’t necessarily mean that one is a couch potato, it also means that we have other priorities in our day-to-day life that are keeping us busy and we fall short of time when we got to decide what to wear? There are always too many options, they need to be comfortable, the desire to look fashionably sound and many other thoughts cloud our mind when we are about to decide whether to wear a particular outfit or not. So here are a few closet ideas if you’re also lazy:

6 Closet Ideas if you’re Also Lazy

  • Keep your bases covered with an all-time backup plan with a pair of a fancy outfit and outdoor activity outfit ready- this helps us when an impromptu outing is decided or when we are late, be it an important corporate event in a fancy restaurant or for hiking as a date.
  • Own more than one pair of dark Jeans and opt for clothes made from wrinkle resistant fabrics – Jeans can be worn many times before we wash them and it can be easily paired with a plain buttoned-up shirt, a t-shirt or a top even. Wrinkle resistant fabrics are a boon for lazy people like us as once they are washed and dried, they can be used again. There is no hassle of ironing them or any worry if you just happen to dump your clothes in a drawer when you’re in a rush.
  • Step it up a notch with rompers and jumpsuits – Rompers are our new go-to clothes for any occasion especially in the summer season. You can show-off your legs with rompers and keep it classy with jumpsuits all while being comfortable as they are easy to get on and off within seconds.
  • Bare your shoulders girls – it is current and fashionable and on trend to bare your shoulders be it a dress, a top or even a blouse. The choice is between an off shoulder, a cold shoulder or a strapless one. It depends on what you are comfortable with as all of these enhance your curves.
  • Always start deciding your look from your footwear to your hair than all the way from top to bottom- It is a must to follow this because we spend so much time on deciding a particular look and then all of it is wasted is we do not own the right kind of footwear to go with it. Must when it comes to footwear are a pair of sneakers, sandals, boots and convertible heels (for special occasions).
  • While purchasing new clothes try to get neutral colors as they can be easily mixed and matched along with some bold colored accessories that will enhance the overall look of your outfit. Neutral colors look cute and can even be layered with jackets and coats easily.

These are the few tips to help you make the closet decisions for all the lazy ones out there. And also for those who want to enhance their look more, they may try a few simple hairstyles from the various Do It Yourself videos available, it can be a braid or even a simple hair partition done differently. These small things also contribute to the overall look.


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