When we hear the word “winter” the thoughts that come to an individual’s mind are snow, cold and undoubtedly SWEATER. The sweater is a classic winter wear which can be found in everyone’s wardrobe in the winter season. As a result, they are a common wearable and at some part, you might have wished for some sweater styling tips. So here are five best ways to convert your classic and cozy sweater into a fashionable and comfortable outfit.

5 Ways to Style Your Sweater Better

1. Cozy scarf:

You can always team up your classic sweater with a cozy scarf. Put on a pair of skinny jeans and sunglasses along with your favorite scarf and sweater to give your outfit a new and fashionable look. The choice of the scarf can vary from your regular scarf which you can tie in different patterns or maybe your neck scarf. The neck scarf has an advantage than your regular scarves in that they give you a layered look and are slightly uncommon. You can always try wearing a neck scarf with designs along with a bright colored sweater. If you feel that neck scarves are too bold for you and your regular scarf too simple then blanket scarf will suit you the best.

2. Classic combo:

You can change your sweater into classic three-piece attire. It is not only easy to sport but also looks simple and smart. Pair your sweater with any coat (preferably a long coat) and top it with a scarf. You can also add your scarf and sunglasses here as well. This look goes best with a pair of skinny jeans.

3. Sweater and boots:

As much as the winters are about sweaters they are also about boots. So no winter fashion list can be completed without boots. The most preferred among all the varieties are the worldwide favorite over the knee boots. They give a versatile look to any outfit that they are worn with. Either you wear them for going to work or just for visiting the market, these will be one of the best companions for your sweater. This combination is much trending among young girls. So the next time you wish to look fashionable without making any extra efforts just step out wearing your sweater and boots.

4. Overall:

To find an overall winter dressing solutions why not wear your sweater under your overalls or silhouettes. They make a perfect combination of our classic sweater. A colorful sweater with a denim overall on top combined with platforms will give you quite a fashionable look.

5. Blazer:

Putting on a blazer on top of your sweater is an extra cozy idea. We have definitely worn blazers over t-shirts but now it’s time to find a new mate for your blazer- why not team it up with your sweater. You can wear a tight fit sweater beneath a long, loose-fitting blazer. If you want you can also maintain the color contrast by wearing a bright colored blazer.


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