Amongst so many varieties of colours, black is the only colour which creates a lot of contradictions and maybe that is the sole reason it is the most preferred and loved colour in the fashion industry. The colour black makes you stand out and represent you with elegance and power, with an indulgence of style. In terms of culture, the shade black has many kinds of interpretations but in terms of fashion, the colour is a form of submission.  There are designers, fashion icons, singers, music makers, etc. who have different taste over the colour black in terms of fashion.

Black is not only magnificent in its beauty but it also has the capacity to slim you down, looks chic, is easy to accessorize with. But not every black dress is the same. There are a variety of black dresses a woman must have in her wardrobe. Dresses are a must in every woman’s collection but proper black dresses are like the diamond in the coal mine. Here is a breakdown list of the 5 kinds of LBD you must own to make the right kind of style statement:

5 LBD's You Must Own

  1. Sheath dress: The sheath dress is polished yet looks incredibly chic and classic when you wear the colour black. It is perfect for any time of the day especially being a bit more formal in the office. You can change the same look for the night with a change in makeup and statement neckpiece.
  2. A Casual maxi: This particular black dress is fit for the summer, where you can look conveniently glamorous. The casual maxi dress is perfect for any kind of errands as it is very comfortable to wear. Not only for summers, but you can also team up this dress with a jacket in the winters.
  3. A-line dress: The black A-line dress will make you stand out from the crowd. The A-line has always been a classic style in the fashion industry. It suits almost every body shape and also looks good upon women of any age. Pair it with a gold satin pump and steal the look.
  4. Lace dress: A classic black dress adds a stylish look including the oomph factor which creates more glamorous look when it is steamed up with laces. There can be variations in lace dresses and come up with a variety of breath-taking styles to choose from. Laces are in now, and to look perfect, pair it up with classic pumps or you can also go bold with a dark red lipstick with proper accessories.
  5. An astonishing gown: A black gown is a must have in the wardrobe of a woman for any kind of events that may come forward. The gown can always be accessorized with different jewellery depending on the type of event. It goes well on tie weddings or events or any kind of gala occasions. You can steam it up with chandelier earrings, gold cuffs or bracelets and can play with your hair differently on each occasion.


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