2017 has already ended but with a blast. It went away and gave us some very exciting fashion trends that we need to keep up with in 2018. Some fashion trends are from the summer and some are latest from the fall. Since we constantly live to strive and thrive and it is impossible to do so without keeping up with the trend, let us look at some of the top trends of the year 2017.

Top fashion trends of 2017


1. Meme graphics

Meme has taken over social media and now is expanding its arms. Many designers incorporated the meme graphics and patterns into various cloth products and footwear. Meme graphic has been trending all summer from printed shirts to printed dresses and from colorful sandals to funky shoes. Everything was meme-fied keeping up with the on-going social media trend.

2. Funky sneakers

Sneakers are something that never go out of trend. No matter what the occasion is, there are always perfect sneakers for each of them. Well 2017 had modified the sneakers tad bit and made them more funky looking than ever. Many top brands were seen introducing their latest design of clunky sneakers in the market and were highly accepted by people.

3. Side-striped pants

Stripes are also something which are for all the season. 2017 came up with side striped pants to give them a little more formal-casual look. These pants became people’s favorite as soon as they were launched in the industry. Many celebrities were seen sporting casual as well as formal striped pants on various occasions and award functions throughout the year. These pants came in all style be it fitted or wide legged and received huge public appreciation response.

4. Puffer coats

Even though puffer coats come and go out of style every fall but this year they were worn the most. Puffer coats trended a lot in many vibrant colors as well as funky prints. With the arrival of the fall puffer coats started dropping in the market and haven’t stopped trending yet. If you don’t have one then make sure buy one this fall.

5. Side bag

Keeping aside cloths for a little time, another thing that trended this season were side bags. Funny, side, bum, slash bag or whatever you want to call them, these were the thing of the year. Everyone was seen sporting them and became a common sight soon after they dropped during mid-summers. They became highly famous among youngsters and college going people because of their handiness and portability.

6. Everything white

Well apart from black and yellow, what trended most this season was white. Everyone was seen supporting white everything either solid or with some combinations on every possible occasion. From white sneakers to white trousers to white jumpers, white was the color of the season and everyone was seen wearing it enthusiastically.

7. And yellow

Another color that was seen commonly in the streets was yellow. This year people decided to go all bright and funny which is not a bad thing to do. Yellow was carried in an awesome manner by most of the celebrities as well as many people and became another trending color of the season.

So what were your favorite fashion trends of 2017?


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