Jeans take over a major part of your styling and there are many people who don’t realize it. Although a black pair and a blue pair seems to be enough to go with every type of styling here are four pairs of jeans in classic styles which you should have, your wardrobe will definitely thank you later! Jeans differ greatly depending upon the type of fabric or the shade they are in. So read more to know about the basic element of your wardrobe which has the power to change your look entirely.

1. Skinny

Skinny jeans are the most commonly worn pair of jeans. Skinny jeansYou wear them almost every day except for the ones you go for leggings. This is just because they never fail you. The material is so soft and they mould to the perfect shape of your butt. Whether it is dark blue, black or white they go with almost everything. However, if you will go with the white one, it might get a little tricky to find something to pair them up with. White jeans go with limited colours but they look exceptionally good and are great for a change. Despite all these benefits, don’t think of throwing your non-skinny jeans away, you can always wear them to play with your looks.

2. Boyfriend

If you ever get bored of wearing the same skinny jeans every day Boyfriend jeansthen why not change it to something more comfortable? Boyfriend jeans are quite slouchy, effortlessly chic and most comfortable. Although, whenever you try to make a change, they might not look quite right, especially for the ones those are in love with skinny jeans. However, if you want to bring a slight transition to your look and wish to wear something cooler then you must go for them.

3. Ripped

Buy a pair of ripped jeans in order to add a little edge to Ripped Jeansyour wardrobe. Although they can never be used for official purposes you can always go for them when one Sunday morning you get tired surfing your wardrobe and don’t get something funkier or cool to wear. In fact, it is a necessity to have at least one pair of jeans in your wardrobe which can be categorized as “fun.” You can try them in various colours, although the blue one looks the best.

4. Boot Cut

Every magazine or blog you go through says that you need these, but you Bootcut Jeansnever actually see anyone having them up. At times, you might even buy them on sale and will think that you will wear them on some weekend and you should! They look good with a pair of clogs or the peasant shirt and gives you a kind of 70s look. It is quite good for the ones who like to wear variety and have fun in switching trends.

Pair all these jeans with different types of tops and footwear and create your new trends every day. Be the style icon of your group just by these four pairs!

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