Are you tired of your boring wardrobe? Want to make it a bit interesting and new? But if you are short of money you can just upgrade your wardrobe. Here are some tips which will help you in upgrading your wardrobe without spending much on them.

How to Upgrade Your Closet with Changing Trends

1. Trendy Colors

Keep your wardrobe updated with some trendy and bright colors. Select the colors that suit you and make you look prettier. With a colorful wardrobe you will be satisfied and it will help you in keeping happy all the day.  If you will add grey or black, you will feel dull. So add up a few vibrant colors to make your day a good one.

2. Adding Accessories

You must be having a lot of accessories. But you can get few more which will help you to get a new look. Accessories can help in upgrading your looks. There are a number of accessories in the market which you can use to change your outfit and get a new look.

3. Shop at New Places

If you are visiting the same old places for a long time for shopping then you should definitely change that. It might happen that visiting a new place will give you an idea of buying stuff that you don’t have. This will help you in upgrading your wardrobe.  You can also opt for online shopping as you will get all the latest and trendy designs at a reasonable rate from different stores. Shopping at new places will also help by givingyou a wide range of stock and you can also have an alternative before buying anything at a higher price.

4. Cleaning the Wardrobe

You should spend some time to clean your wardrobe; this will help in taking out all the unwanted clothes and stuff from your wardrobe and make it look clean. After cleaning the wardrobe you will have an idea of what to buy and how. This will help you in upgrading your wardrobe.

5. Getting things Altered

You can also change or alter few clothes with different techniques like changing neckline, adding few badges or beads to the top, changing a normal top to a cropped one, etc. Using some simple ways you can easily upgrade your closet.

6. Considering the Available Options

Before discarding a garment you should check whether it can be worn with other outfits or not. If yes then you can easily wear it a number of times and it will change the look of the garment every time. Before getting new clothes, if you have an option of pairing the old ones with some other outfits then you will save money too.

7.  Hosting Clothes or Accessories Swapping

If you have friends with similar sizes then you can host swapping of each other’s garments when going to a place where you don’t have any mutual contact. You can also swap accessories with your friends. This will save money and you will get a new look every time you go out for something.


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