A basic white button down shirt is something which almost everyone has in their closet and is never going to go out of trend. Different fashion trends come and go every season but what stays is the white shirt. From a casual outing to a formal occasion, white shirt can be worn whenever and wherever you want. The only thing that changes about a plain button down white shirt is how it is being styled. A basic white shirt looks good with almost everything but pairing it with basic blue and black has gone out of style.

Let us look at 6 different ways in which you can style your basic button down white shirt and step out there looking not so basic.

A Basic White Shirt: 6 Different Ways to Pair it

1. Pleated trousers and open buttons

Instead of closing all the buttons or leaving the top buttons open, leave a few bottom buttons open of your shirt and pair it with a pleated pair of trousers. This look will give you perfect casual- formal look to go out on a brunch with your friends. You can pair it up with trousers of any color, striped or plain, wide or narrow but remember to leave the few bottom buttons open and show your beautiful belt that you have paired with the pants.

2. White and prints

If you want to go bold then you might think of pairing it with prints. Be it a pair of printed leggings or printed skirt, print is the new way to go. Just tuck your favorite shirt in and you are all ready to go out and set the trend. You can also pair it up with funky jewelry or casual sneakers depending on the type of look you want.

3. Date night? No problem!

A white shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing that you will ever have. If you have a date and don’t have time to go shopping then white shirt can work wonders for you. Just pair it up with a maxi skirt and knot it or with a little pencil skirt and pointy heels and some statement jewelry and you are all set for your special night! Also, pair it up with a classic red lipstick to get a bold look.

4. Office wear

White shirts are perfect formal wear and can be paired any day with a perfect pencil skirt or wrap around skirt or pleated trousers and oxford shoes if you have a presentation to give in your office or a meeting to attend.

5. With statement jewelry

If you don’t want to go too much out there with outfit then you might as well wear your white shirt casually with trousers or jeans and can pair it up with a lot of statement jewelry to look different but not too much out there. Statement jewelries are in these days and it won’t hurt you to keep up with the trend.

6. Basic blue

Blue denim and a white shirt will never go out of style. You can tuck it in or can leave it be. Wear it with a good pair of boots or layer it up. Play with the blue and whites as you want and look your best!

So which look is your favorite? The chick one or the casual one?


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