If you are donning fancy sunglasses in winters, people might come up to you and ask you the reason behind it. Nowadays, people have taken the use of “sunglasses” quite literally and do not seem to agree with the idea that sunglasses should be worn in winters. However, we are of the opinion that sunglasses should be worn during winter as well and for good reasons!

Eye care experts from across the world share a view that wintertime brings more danger to eyes than summertime: the first danger comes from the Sun which seems like a harmless entity during winters, and second danger comes from the forever-loving snow. Thus, it becomes all the more important to wear sunglasses during winters.

If you are still not convinced, read along and you would find 5 reasons why you should wear sunglasses in winters written down over here. So, let us begin:

5 Reasons Why You Must Wear Sunglasses In Winters

1. Reduction of glare

Precipitation in winter covers the surface in water, ice and snow which results in bright reflections causing glare which can greatly affect vision. It is especially dangerous when you are snowmobiling, skiing, and driving and may cause untoward accidents.

It is recommended that you wear high-quality sunglasses for a more comfortable and protected vision—you should go with polarized lenses as they are most effective!

2. Protection from dust, wind,and debris

Sunglasses protect your eyes not only from glare but also wind and debris which can hurt your eyes greatly in absence of caution. These accessories form a wind barrier and minimize the evaporation of moisture, keeping eyes safe and comfortable. Sunglasses also help in preventing dryness in contact lenses and protecting eyes from corneal abrasions.

To maximize protection, you should consider wearing close-fitted, enclosing style sunglasses, and if your budget allows, you should go for the ones with hydrophobic coatings.

3. Saves you from eyestrain and headache

Another good aspect of sunglasses is that they minimize eyestrain and headaches. Pupils regulate the amount of light which enters the sensitive retina of the eye. Under dim light conditions, pupils undergo dilation to enable inflow of agreater amount of light, but under bright conditions, pupils go through aconstriction in order to prevent too much light from entering, and it is to protect the eye during the latter conditions that you should wear sunglasses.

What happens in extremely bright conditions is that the pupil is unable to constrict effectively to alleviate light exposure to a reasonable level—and this results in squinting which gives way to headaches and eyestrain.

4. Protection from dangerous UV Rays

It is in common parlance that UV rays are extremely harmful to eyes and are associated with eye conditions such as cataracts. Many high-quality sunglasses stop 100 percent of these rays from entering the eye and offer remarkable protection to the sensitive eye skin. What is better is the fact sunglasses prevent premature aging and wrinkles which result from UV rays.

5. Improvement of vision

Eyes need the right amount of light formaintaining good vision, and sunglasses do this job quite right. Sunglasses help in improving winter vision by furthering optical clarity. These accessories regulate the flow of sunlight into the eye and give to the eyes the much-needed protection.


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