Fall is the best time to wrap ourselves in a whole lot of comfort clothes and the best part is that we always have the option of doing it with style. Fall is the season when designers come with most exquisite and outrageous fashion trends and every fashion enthusiast waits for the new launches very eagerly.

Although there are many fall fashion ideas that have been introduced but a few of them top the other in matters of style and trend. So what are the best fall fashion trends till now? Let’s shed some light on it.

5 Best Fall Looks till Now

1. Fringes

Fringes dropped in the market and became instant favorite of people. Everyone was soon seen sporting fringes casually as well as formally. Be it bags or be it denims, fringes were soon being seen everywhere. The most famous fringe styled products were fringes handbags, fringed side bags, bottom fringed denims and fringed casual tops and shirts. Many celebrities were also seen carrying fringes in some or the other past season.

2. Red

Red is a color that never goes out of style. It was officially the color of this fall and was seen being incorporated in different styles and combinations. From cherry red to apple red everything was in-trend.People were very enthusiastic about it as well. Be it a casual outing with friends or be it a red carpet event, women were seen flaunting their wild and playful side on every occasion with the color of the season- red.

3. Sheer

Sheer got introduced in the industry and it is here to stay. Whether you want to go out for a classy Saturday outing or a subtle Sunday afternoon brunch with your ladies, sheer are perfect for every classy occasion. Sheers were seen being sported by a large number of women. They also came in a variety of colors and styles. For a glam event golden sheers were a hit while for a little less glam black sheer was hugely donned by ladies. Casual sheers were also seen in color while. Embroidery also came into the play and embroidered sheer was loved by people for many reasons.

4. Work wear

Work wear was hyped up by making them more striped and intense patterns instead of same solid and plain colors. There was a huge trudge in the market regarding adaption of work wear and people started preferring and wearing patterned work-wear instead of plain subtle ones. Be it men or women, work wear was hyped and revised for everyone. Business casuals made everyone happy this fall and they are here to stay for a long time.

5. Floral

Though floral seems a little old school but fashion has a trend of coming back. Well the fashion industry got reintroduced to the very famous floral designs and they were incorporated in almost every style possible. From bags to fabrics everything has floral print this fall. Embroidered floral patterns were no more things of the past. Sheer tops, solid tops, blazers or bags everything had floral pattern either embedded or printed on them. Sock boots also got introduced to the market with little floral patterns.


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