Who does not want to maintain great hair all the time? Everyone, of course, but managing good hair is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in personal care—but it is not impossible. Sometimes, our hair gets damaged because of certain things which the world believes are inconsequential to hair. In this article, we are going to tell you about those things in enough detail.

Hair accessories make your hair look more presentable, but quite often we use those accessories which, in reality, should be banished from your life forever. Yes, you read it right and might be wondering who those devils are. Well, we have listed down 5 of them in this article for your benefit!

5 Hair Accessories That Must Be Banished

1. Straw Hats

We are talking about straw hats over here. Straw hats make you look all lady-like and summery, but they do some real harm to your hair. These hats get caught in the gaps in the material which triggers hair loss. Straw hats cause accumulation of scalp grease faster which reduces airflow and breath ability.

Similar effects are recorded for all other kinds of hats, but straw hats are really the devilish one of all!

2. Ornate clothes

Embellished clothing makes us look all prepared for a special occasion—after all, a little glitter can make anyone shine like gold. However, your shimmery look comes at a cost, and the price is paid by your hair.

Ornate clothing like sequins creates friction when your hair is loose and down and this promotes split-ends. Hence, you should be very careful about embellishments such as glitter, coarse fabric and pearls, as your hair might cling to them. You would rather want to make a bun and carry that shimmery look.

3. Hairpins

We all know those pins which are often painful to remove from hair—they are equally painful to the hair. You must be very cautious about the quality of the hairpins you are using. Make sure that the pins have plastic-made end cap, and that they are guarded by a film in order to prevent getting tugged and clamped on your hair strands.

If you have got the bad ones, throw them immediately and buy good ones.

4. Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions may be really handy accessories, but they take a toll on your hair. These extensions weigh down your hair and cause damage to your scalp. They even end up pulling out your hair which leaves behind palpable gaps and bald spots. In case you cannot do without extensions, it is highly advised to not use them every day, particularly if you have thin hair.

5. Metal accessories

Ornaments made of metal, especially the ones with metal teeth are highly dangerous for your hair. They harm the roots of your hair and may even injure your head if not used properly. Instead of using the metal ones, you should opt for the less aggressive wooden accessories—they are as good and classy as metal accessories, we bet on that!


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