Cannabis has more than 224 million users across the globe and yet, there a taboo attached to it. However, as its popularity grows, so has been the revolution to create a wider general acceptance and consequent legalization of the herb. Cannabis is becoming a part of several industries that aren’t associated with its use for consumption and this helps establish a strong ground for a better understanding. A huge support has been coming from the fashion industry itself and we are not talking of the ‘cool’ beanies, tie-die shirts and stoner style t-shirts. Cannabis has been represented in high fashion in both bold and subtle ways.

Among the most inspiring startup in this context has been Genifer M. With its inspired jewelry designs, Genifer M is changing the consumer perception of cannabis. There are plenty reasons why it has been nothing short of a movement! According to the founder, Genifer Murray, the startup has been “launched to change the way people perceive, interact, and experience cannabis through luxe style and handcrafted quality jewelry.” Genifer M boats of a gorgeous product line that includes earrings, bracelets, lockets and other accessories. Each of the pieces is carefully handcrafted from silver, gold and diamond to become a loved piece in your collection, whether you are a stoner or not!

Looking Beautiful With Cannabis Inspired Jewelry!

This is however not the first time that cannabis inspired jewelry art has created a ripple in the fashion scene.     The 2016 Alexander Wang Fall line has marijuana leaves sprinkled on them! If you have been into the scene, you might remember Margot Robbie wearing the beautiful high waist leather skirt spewed with pot leaf designs – on Saturday Night Live! Fashion houses like Harper’s Bazar, Elle and Vogue have been regularly writing articles and coming up with designs that aim to bring more focus on cannabis. And now with Genifer M, you have a more local option to be a part of the movement while looking pretty!

Thankfully, cannabis is more government recognition across the world, stretching to it getting legalized in more US states. People are finally talking openly about the health benefits of the herb and there are ears listening to the debate. This has been a big win for Genifer herself, who started her line to “to help others and the larger community that needs this medicine through lobbying for its legalization”. She had been the co-founder of the first of its kind cannabis testing lab in the USA called the CannLabs and now she has started this movement with fashion that is hard to ignore.

For many, the marijuana leaf is a symbol of freedom and there is no doubt about the happiness the herb has been able to bring to so many people. These designs from Genifer M intend to spread that same energy in platforms and forums that are still debating. You too can be a part of the revolution that will change the world for the better.


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