If there’s a fashion trend that has travelled centuries and still continues to not only exist, but flourish, it’s probably the floral trend. Sure, the prints have evolved and the technology has allowed more sophistication in terms of, say, embroideries, but the flower power has been one to stay.

They are colorful, poppy, and cheerful; whether worn by itself or with something else, it’s a sure way to brighten your outfit. It’s something of a must have, really but if you are worried that you might overdo it, refer to this list we made.

6 Ways You Can Carry a Floral Print Without Overdoing it

Here are 6 ways to carry a floral print without overdoing it:

1. One piece at a time

One sure way to keep the subtle game on is to opt for one part of your garment to be floral. Start simple by going for a floral skirt, or a lacy floral top, or maybe even just a patch of floral embroidery on your jeans. You can take floral trend to your office too. A sharp suit with a sleeveless blouse in floral print or a floral printed pencil skirt with a tee and blazer on top can breathe fresh life into your office look.

2. Stick with solids

If you are rummaging through your wardrobe, thinking what to pair that gorgeous yellow floral top with, know that it’s best to stick with the solids. It’s the safest bet and you can never go wrong with it. Steer clear of mixing prints, as they run the risk of not complementing or blending in right. You may start experimenting with prints once you are more confident and feel ready to play with bolder looks.

3. Size up the prints

This is something that’s very important to figure out and maybe a little less black-and-white as the previous two points which are pretty easy to figure out. But you need to do this anyway. It is to do with the size and the pattern of the prints and in fact, the overall scale of pattern. These and the frame of your body should be in alignment, i.e. tiny patterns can be too minimal for a large frame, while apetite frame can get overwhelmed with a large pattern.

4. Color and contrast mapping

Floral fabrics come in varies tones and hues, with the purpose of creating and communicating different temperament and moods. So you get the entire range, from bright, bold, eye- catching to a more subdued, darker tone. It is useful to remember that high contrast, perky colors can run the risk (or benefit?) of attracting more attention than the darker, low contrast varieties, other than seemingly adding width to your figure. Soft, pastel colors go a long way in toning down your look.

5. Accessorize it right

Floral outfits are quite appealing by themselves; so choosing accessories that add to the look rather than causing a distraction, can be a challenge. It’s best to keep your shoes and bags in neutral shades while your jewelry should be delicate, minimal and simple. Drop earrings, simple studs, a light chain with a small pendant are good choices to go for.

6. Be smart with makeup

The dress that you’re wearing should be the sole determinant for your makeup choices. The idea is to complement it, to get that look right. If the dress that you’re wearing is bright and catchy, opt for a subtle makeup to balance the look. If your attire is in lighter hues, you can go bolder with the makeup, say by going for a dash of dark matte lipsticks and smoky eyes.


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