Dates have been set, venue reserved and got your dress ready too. What next? Sending out the invites. How to make sure that like everything on the list, your wedding shower invitations are exclusive and interesting? There are a few details you need to know before you go ahead with the invitations; like what the invite is for. It can be wedding party invitations or anniversary celebration invites. Let’s take a sneak peek into what goes in the making of a good wedding shower invitation.

anniversary celebration invites

  • Guest List:

Can there be anything worse than a party without guests?Well, it’s very important to have a guest list planned before choosing an invitation. You wouldn’t want to miss out on your well-wishers on your special day, would you? Invitations need to be mailed weeks before the party date, and you need a couple more weeks to decide on the theme. Have a complete list of names and addresses; when ordering the invitations, and don’t forget to add five to ten to the number on the list in case someone was missed out on the initial list.

  • Choose a theme that is liked by the bride-to be or the couple:

Even though you are hosting the event, it’s about the bride or the couple’s likes. Choose something they would have picked for themselves. If you know their choices, it is really easy: Are they the sophisticated kind or a fun loving and outgoing personality? Choose a classier and elegant option for the sophisticated kind and a picture of cartoon couple and a cake looks just fine for the fun loving one. If you don’t know them well, ask them. It’s their day after all.

wedding party invitations

  • Include details:

With a beautiful invitation card, it’s very important to include all the details; from the correct venue to the right timings, everything’s important. Don’t send out an incomplete invitation as your hard work and efforts fall flat if people have trouble finding the location or regarding the theme. If you don’t want to clutter the card; put the when, where and why on the reverse of the card. This makes the card both pretty and useful.

  • Wordplay:

This is the best part about choosing an invitation. Once you have decided on the details and are ready with the guest list, you can have some fun with words. Quirky and catchy one liners, romantic couplets are just a perfect blend. You can go ahead and write something, after reading which the bride-to be or the couple can’t stop laughing or overwhelmed with joy.

  • Use the invitation for more than an information card:

What you put in the card also defines the decorations, theme and choices of the bride or the couple. Use it as an inspiration and while you go through with different designs, make sure your invitation card is parallel to the theme and goes well with everything else.

These are a few tips you might need before choosing a wedding shower invitation. May you have a happy life ahead.


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