Fashion has a huge impact on our daily life. It is not just connected to our wearing any more. Talking about the fashion of whereabouts both men and women are equally bothered about it. It deals with clothes, accessories, footwear, hairstyle- the total look of a person. Following fashion magazines is the best way of following fashion trends.

All fashion magazines do not showcase same fashion trends, some focuses on elite brands or top celebrities and few others focus on regular street style.

Including both types of magazines, let us have a look at some of them to be followed in daily life.

7 Best Fashion Magazines to Follow

7 fashion magazines to look more stylish

  • Vogue- Launched in 1892, in U.S as a weekly newspaper, now Vogue has become a leading fashion magazine of the world. Recently, it gets released in 22 international editions with its 23rd edition being all set to be released in March, 2018.  It isn’t restricted to just one single thing, but deals with multiple components like beauty, fashion, lifestyle and culture.
  • Elle- It is a French origin fashion magazine with around 44 editions around the world. Fashion, beauty and health being its main components it deals with fashion trends for both men and women. Basically covers up the latest trends of New York, London and Paris.
  • Glamour- Being particularly a women’s fashion magazine, Glamour is all about Hollywood’s trends. In its initial days, it was even known as the “Glamour of Hollywood”. The name itself indicates what trends this magazine covers up. Concerning Hollywood fashion it is obvious its focus is on the elite top notch brands.
  • Cosmopolitan- Started as a family fashion magazine, Cosmopolitan eventually developed into a world-wide women’s fashion magazine in the late sixties. It is just not about looks but it deals with every topic related to feminism like- health, relationships, sex, personal life, self, lifestyle, celebrity life, etc. You will find a maximum no. of women following cosmopolitan as it even deals with health issues. 
  • In Style- Not too old in comparison to other big magazines, still it has made it to the list of top. Its 1st edition was released in 1994 by Time Inc. and since then it has taken a huge leap. Today, it has its 16 international editions being published in all big countries. This magazine is about the lifestyle of celebrities whom they interview and even their properties.
  • Harper’s Bazaar- Another U.S based fashion magazine whose target is upper middle class crowd in order to help them know the latest fashion trends and get the best stuffs for themselves.
  • GQ- Unlike multiple women’s magazine this is a men’s fashion magazine, which has made it to the top. It deals with all other components too apart from clothing which interests men, the most important of it being sports, fitness, others being travel, sex, music, lifestyle.

These are just the 7 best magazines as per trend; apart from these also you will find many others. It is possible that you may find some other to be the best; it is totally an individual choice.



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