Most working women face a dilemma of what to wear while they are going to work. There is a lot of comfort when you are working from home but at some point of time you will have to attend meetings with investors, clients or various officials, that’s the time when you will face dilemma in what to wear in order to look like a professional or a grownup.

It’s the time you have to choose your attire carefully, it’s your attire which first speaks up than you actually start talking, and the attire should be able to carry your competence and credibility. You should neither overdress nor under dress, overdressing seems like you are a show off type and under dressing may manipulate that you are interested in the job.

Choosing right business attire helps you in making your meeting a successful one. Here are a few suggestions on how you can dress while you are going for work.

Best Work Style Suggestions

Tailored Cloth

Wearing tailored clothing is always better. It is not only pocket-friendly but also gives a decent look.

Patterns and Colors

While you are choosing the colors, be careful as conservative kind of fabric and colors look standard and decent for business attire. A dark grey pants or black color looks professional and is mostly chosen formal colors. A dress with dark and dazzling colors is not suitable for meetings.

Avoid Pattern Extremes and Colors

A meeting is where you are going to give a statement about the business and not about your appearance. Wide stripes, eye catchy colors or designs are not appropriate for a business meeting. Choose lighter colors with a decent design which will give a pleasant look.

Pants and Suits

Pants and shirts are formal attire chosen for a business meeting but you must be careful while you chose your pants, a stitched pant with a crease is highly advisable. Khaki, corduroy and twill are a few good quality fabrics used for business casuals. Heavy cotton materials and denims are not advisable. A wool blended pants and shirts are a good choice for business attire. Avoiding synthetic fabrics like polyester and synthetic is a better choice.Make sure that your pants are neither too tight nor too loose, it be in a correct fitting, neatly ironed and wrinkle free.


The first thing people notice in your attire is what kind of footwear you wore. Closed-toed pumps which matches your outfit is the best choice. Avoid wearing chunky heels, stilettos, flat soled-shoes or high-heeled shoes which may create a different opinion to the clients. The most important aspect is choosing a shoe which correctly fits you and is comfortable when you walk. It’s advisable that the shoe color matches your purse color.


Never forget to wear a belt, wearing a belt makes you look more decent, a wrist watch makes you look professional and makes sure that you always follow time. A wrist watch also gives your client an idea that you are always punctual. Wear small earring, studs are advisable.


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