You might not take your hoodie seriously, but you should know that with such attitude, you are undermining the great fashion relevance hoodie has. It is not just your casual outwear, but it is something that can be worn stylishly, even on occasions which you might have thought inappropriate for hoodies.

In this article, we have decided to do justice to one of the greatest fashion inventions of all time, hoodies, and give you tips on how to style them without spending too much time and money. So, without further ado, here are 5 tips to dress up hoodie fashionably.

5 Tips to Dress Up Hoodies and Make it Stylish

1. Formfitting

You need to take care of the drape and fit of the hoodie—something which we often neglect, much to the chagrin of fashion counsellors. You should know that sloppy hoodies are no longer fashionable, and now it is time you donned appropriately fitted hoodies on your body.

Despite the contemporary trend of slim and fit, you should, of course, not compromise too much on comfort. Take due note of the fabric and ensure that the clothing is not too tight for your body. With all these things in mind, your hoodie will shine like a diamond.

2. The fabric

We have already noted the importance of fabric in styling hoodies. Well, quality fabric is an amazing element: synthetic cotton blend or polyester can wholly transform the hoodie into a nasty piece of attire, though.

You should prefer pure cotton jersey over anything else. Cotton is an excellent fabric material which allows your body to breathe through and gives you much-neededflexibility and comfort.

While we cannot argue with the supremacy of cotton hoodies, you may want to try out one of the hottest trends this season called neoprene. It might remind you of a wetsuit featuring spongy fabric, but it is totally worth your money.

3. Monochrome

Do you want to add class to that hoodie of yours? Then, we strongly recommend you to go monochrome.

While you may have many options in hand, but you cannot challenge the unmatched glory of thecolour black. Black is not just for fashion editors or goths; it is for everyone. Considering various advantages of wearing black, there is no reason why you should not go for a black hoodie.

4. Where are the hybrids?

When we say hybrid, we mean to say quasi-blazer hoodies with many utility variations. There are different classes of such hoodies: there are posh ones which usually come with internal pockets and patterned satin-lining, much like a blazer; and the casual ones which multiple layers and moderate sloppiness.

Hybrids are the latest fashion trend and we would not want you to miss out them!

5. Like a waistcoat

The easiest way to dress up hoodie is by wearing it like a waistcoat. All you need to do is tuck inside your hoodie underneath a long coat—well, this is one of the many ideas. You can also put on an unstructured wool-cotton blazer and rock that look!


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