Winter, though loved by people, is not that good when it comes to keeping your hair healthy. Due to extreme cold, it sucks out the moisture and leads to dry hair scalp. And this is a common phenomenon in the winter. So how to combat this issue? Well, this article will focus on 5 tips which you can follow to combat dry hair scalp this winter.

Top 5 tips to tackle dry hair scalp

  • Take a pre-wash treatment
  • Use mild hair shampoos
  • Use oil
  • Go for ACV rinse
  • Follow a specific diet

5 Tips to Combat Dry Hair Scalp this winter

Pre-wash treatment

Pre-wash treatment is always better to combat dry scalp. But you should know the right ways to go for a pre-wash treatment (you can do it all by yourself.) So, what do you need to do? Well, you need to message your scalp to remove all the dust and dirt from your hair. It is a necessary step which you must perform before you go for shampooing your hair. You can use apure bristle brush for scalp message, as they are specifically designed to distribute the scalp oil and remove any dust particles stuck in your hair.

Use mild hair shampoos

There are wide varieties of hair shampoos available in the market. But you should pick up the one with less chemical ingredients in it. Most of the hair shampoos have chemicals that make your scalp dry and leads to scalp allergies. So you should look for sulfate free shampoos, as they lead to soft hair and scalp when used. You should know that the more natural products you use, the more it is good for your scalp.

Use natural oil

When it comes to natural ingredients, none can replace the natural oils for combating dry scalps. Most of these oil comes with antibacterial and fungal factors in them, which can help you protect your scalp against infectious bacteria and fungi. You can use coconut oil, or any other vegetable oil and message your hair twice or thrice a week. After messaging, keep it for a while and then wash your hair. It will help you combat dry and itchy scalp.

ACV rinse

ACV, or Apple Cider Vinegar, is one of the most effective methods which you should go for in order to combat dry, flaky and itchy scalp. To prepare the rinse, mix two cups of water with half cup of ACV and apply it to your hair. Keep it for half an hour before you wash your hair with water. The ACV rinse will help in restoring your scalp’s PH, which in turn will combat dry hair scalp.

Follow a diet

Lastly, you can follow the right diet to combat dry hair scalp. You can include fatty acid rich foods in your winter diet. Also, drink as much water as possible. More water level in your body will help to combat dry scalp.

While dry scalp is only a winter phenomenon, some people develop the problem permanently. In such cases, you must take precautions. And the normal people who face the dry scalp problem only in winter can follow the above tips to get rid of the issue.


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