Manish Malhotra

Indian fashion industry is blessed with a plethora of acclaimed, highly talented fashion designers who have made a name for themselves worldwide. You might have heard of many Indian fashion designers occupying high places in great fashion events or designing thewardrobe for celebrities from all over the world—well, they are as good as they say. In this article, we will talk about 5 Indian fashion designers who should be known to everyone. Their contribution to the growth and development of Indian fashion industry is immense and can never be understated. With this, here are those 5 amazing humans in the fashion world. 1. Manish Malhotra One of the most-talked-about fashion designers in Bollywood, Manish Malhotra has designed for several leading actresses in the country. He is known for his distinct styles which are always blended with an underlying purpose. His most notable work has been with actress UrmilaMatondkar in the movie Rangeela. His abilities are well-recognized outside India, and this is evident from the fact that he was asked to design costumes for Michael Jackson when the latter visited India. We promise youthat you would be baffled by his clientele. 2. TarunTahiliani TarunTahiliani is a well-renowned name in the fashion industry who along with his wife co-founded country’s first multi-designer boutique in the year 1987. He is based in Delhi and is known for his ability to blend European-tailored silhouette with Indian heritage, and you will not be able to resist his finesse at mixing modern designs with traditional aesthetics. Lately, he has engaged his creative skills in the area of interior designing and has designed interiors for some top-notch hotels in the country such as The Sofala in Goa. He has even started undertaking event designing for Indian weddings. 3. Masaba Gupta Masaba Gupta debuted in the fashion industry at Lakme Fashion Week when she was just 19. Ever since then, she has grown into and established herself as a top profile fashion designer in the country. She is particularly known for her unconventional prints coupled with feminine silhouettes and drapes. Her work has an incredible infusion of unconventional elements with recognizable modern designs which give a unique concoction altogether. 4. AnamikaKhanna AnamikaKhanna runs her own label and has featured in the Business of Fashion magazine as a designer who marvelously blends conventional Indian textiles with the Western silhouette. It is to be noted that she is the first Indian fashion designer to own an International label named Ana mika, and the first female Indian designer to exhibit her collection at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. She even had a contract with Harrod’s, a British Retail Giant. 5. AsmitaMarwa AsmitaMarwa has dedicated her skills to the making of a sustainable fashion label. She believes in ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’ design which makes her an exceptional member of the Indian fashion industry. Her eco-friendly designs do not compromise on the aesthetical aspect, and thus, people can expect to get to participate in both fashion and environmental conservation.
Masaba Gupta