It was exactly last October 2016, when Lady Gaga said she could not make music with a lobster on her head. There could be a long debate on her music genre or a longer one on her eccentric choice of hairstyles. Both ways, she has got the attention of beauty addicts around the world.

De-constructing her hairstyle trends for music albums, award shows, and activism, she definitely makes a statement. No one has forgotten her meat dress nor has the bubble frock faded from memories. Her trademark hairstyles have entered the salon walls and speak a lot of her styling sense too.

Let’s begin with the whacky hairstyle trends she set in purple, pink and blonde.. and much more, especially the coronet of braids on a bowl-shaped blonde wig. Now, that’s a risk few girls are likely to take!

Crazy look with confidence

When it comes to originality Lady Gaga aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (okay we stick to her moniker!) is a risk taker. Before one can really explore the range of hairstyles she has sported in her music career, pick the ones you feel are really outlandish. And do you notice a common denominator-to stand out in the crowd?

  1. Long and black with bangs
  2. Long and purple with blunt bangs
  3. A short blonde bob with bangs
  4. Long and blonde with a round plate-like structure on the crown
  5. A purple streak with long and blonde bangs
  6. A purple beehive with a messy blonde look
  7. Blonde, wavy hair with cheesy bangs
  8. Blonde, straight bone bangs covering half of the head
  9. Long blonde hair bow on the top
  10. A wedge bob in crimps

Is her hair bow a signature trend? She does take time out to explore what she can do with her crowning glory. She is certainly a challenge for any hair stylist! She sure beats the other music trendsetters like Christina Aguilera or even Madonna from the early 80s. While she would like to be spoken about for her musical talent, the fan base she has is ‘hair bent’ on her changing hairstyles.

lady gaga Hair style

Hair, Fashion, And Art Make Sense To Lady Gaga

No everyone is able to de-construct Lady Gaga’s whacky sense of hair styling or even fashion she has believed in. Now at 31 years, she has grown a little tamer in her selections of making fashion statements with her music albums.  She is well aware that her sense of styling does not make sense to many others, but she is sure of her success story.

The songstress continues to baffle her fans, critics and music collaborators with her ability to keep her image in the public eye. Why did she switch from natural black to blonde? She wanted to be known for herself and not Amy Wine house. She styles herself from the decadence of the 70s style. Her hairstyle when she released the album The Fame showcased those straight blonde tresses-with a geometric shape on her head to give the real effect.

Added to this style was an origami dress that competed the eccentric look. Her hair bow is definitely an original statement she has made over the years. If you are a fan of the famous hair bow, get in touch with your salon stylish to check if it can become your signature style.

Fashion to Freedom

By choosing to change hairstyles Lady Gaga continues to remain a fashion icon for young girls who also happen to listen to her brand of music. She has boldly gone where no other woman has gone- to rediscover a remixed version of Marilyn Monroe platinum curls-with a definitely black lace mask! She got seriously noticed at the 2009 MTV Awards show with her blond and pink coiffure.

Adding to her mystic was the house of blue eyes mask. One could even hand it to her for looking out with her red crystal eyes and red lipstick pout with curly blonde visage. She even wore a rubber outfit to match! In 2010 Grammys she dared to wear a yellow wig with blonde shade. The look was complete with neon pink lipstick and a prive bodysuit from Armani.

From all the other hairstyles that the songstress has sported, the tipped platinum wig with a slice of steak covering the head with a meat suit is etched out in everyone’s memories. Her green hairstyle later was panned when she was on a tour of Born This Way. She successfully managed to add eyeshadow to divert the attention from her crowning glory. But she continues to be a mind blonde- a streak she has followed no matter how many hairstyles she has sported.

PS; She also sported a 3-toned beehive in New Delhi with India’s national flag color! Go figure!



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