Keep the boring, dull, overdone blue and red, pink nail paints aside, with the wide-ranging range of nail color choices out there every woman has the chance to flaunt their nails off to the wider side. It is said that every wild nail paint color says something about the individual who applies it, like their stylishness, their smartness, their individuality and their attitude on life.

The shiny glint of chrome has constantly been sophisticated and looks amazing on every type of nails. However, a strong flash also infers innermost strength beneath the shine. The chrome nail polishes are elegant, sophisticated and attractive each time you apply them along with few of the iconic shades like silver, metallic, pink, lavender etc.

Those who select such colors are often extremely easygoing also they are able to dress up even the utmost wishy-washy of outfits these chrome color collections will simply make your nails look gorgeous! There is a lot of chrome colors to play around when it comes to tweaking a nail color design as per your own personal taste.

Trend nail posh

Here is our pick of 10 best chrome nail polish colors designs for your beautiful nails:

  1. Glitter chrome nail polish

This amazing nail polish is one of the most fashionable polishes of this season! We simply adore this lovely and beautiful nail polish shade that will give your nails a fashionable look! Glitter is definitely bold and brave, and it offers a glamorous vivacity to any ensemble. Glitter suits a broader multiplicity of characters and inclined to be applied by one who is young at heart. Color with bold for an ultra-chic look.

  1. Rainbow Chrome Nail Polish

This chrome shade color is absolutely shiny and smooth. It is definitely bound to give a unique and a distinct look at your nails. With different shades, it can go pretty well with your ensemble. It is shiny, glossy and smooth. You can try experimenting with this Chrome Nail Paint and get a spectrum of several colors on your nails.

  1. Metallic Glitter Chrome Nail Polish

The Metallic Nail Paint is shiny and glossy. With an amazing combination of metallic paint and an additional glitter, it will give a wonderful look at your nails. Your pretty nails will look elegant and royal with a touch of class. It will be even better when teamed up with shimmering gowns and glittering sarees. You can experiment by either having contrasting shades or similar shades.

  1. Subtle Green Chrome Nail Polish

This shade is a rare gem and one of the trending paints these days. It is shiny, soft and very subtle. Interestingly, it is spotted once in a blue moon on anybody’s nails. Thus, when you apply this Green Chrome Nail Polish, you are sure to be the center of attraction at your party. It is pleasing to the eyes and also eye-catching. The shade looks lovely and intense. An emerald ring will look even more classy and unique.

  1. Shiny Pink Chrome Nail Polish

Pink is always any girl’s favorite. However, with a touch of chrome nail paint and pink, you can customize the look of your nails very easily. It looks unique and stylish and Pink never goes out of fashion. The Pink shade will lift your fashion quotient higher and grab eyeballs at your nails.

  1. Copper Chrome Nail Polish

The Copper Chrome Nails is sure to give you a classy look. It is elegant, royal and full of an attractive shade. It will make people around you to fall in love with your flawless and glossy nails. The shade will go well with golden colored outfits and will look trendy and stylish. With a smooth texture and accurate finishing, the Copper Chrome nails will give your nails the perfect feminine look.

  1. Chrome Red Nail Polish

Bright Red is always everyone’s favorite. The Bright Chrome nail paint will give a lavish touch to your nails and will look super attractive and classy. It will enhance your overall look, even more, when teamed up a red lipstick. The bright Chrome Red Nail polish is absolutely trendy and fashionable. So, experiment with this amazing color and make your nails do the magic.

  1. Dual Shaded Chrome Nail Polish

This is the most trending colors of the season. It has dual shades and works out wonderfully well. You can combine blue and white or blue with silver to get the best possible dual look to your nails. The nails get a good royal elegant look which is glossy and shiny. You can even customize several other dual combinations to enhance the look even better.




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