Fashion is about experimentation. The more you experiment with new looks, the more fashion sense you develop. If all ends well, you might even end up becoming a fashion icon to everyone around. But, all of this is not simple.

Stylizing accessories with inherently contrasting attires is one of the trickiest tasks for any fashion enthusiast. Traditional accessories, to be precise, do not generally go well with western outfits, and, a lot of times, people end up making most unnatural combinations.

Well, while we admit the difficulty in stylizing traditional with western, this does not mean that there are no ways to avoid fashion gauche at all. In fact, in this article, we have shortlisted a number of effective ways to create a perfect combination.

5 Tips to Stylize Traditional Accessories with Western Clothing

So, without further ado, let us take a look at five tips to stylize traditional accessories with western clothing:

  1. Gold is a magical remedy

If you are wondering what to do with all that stock of traditional gold accessories, then we recommend that you stylize them with western outfits in your wardrobe.

Add a pinch of bling by pairing your outfit with a long gold necklace or gold choker. You might prefer teaming it up with a nice, white shirt and a pair of cropped trousers for a formal party.

  1. Silver Coin Necklace makes every look stunning

Women have become enamored with the idea of stylizing their western outfits with traditional accessories, especially with silver coin necklace.

If you love the famous boho chic look, then we suggest you don the necklace with a long, wavy skirt or a maxi dress. In case you want a more formal and sophisticated look, then wear the necklace with a crisp formal shirt and a pair of trouser.

  1. Do not forget the earrings

What would women fashion be without earrings?

There are many kinds of earrings, but none can match the richness of traditional earrings. But, with all those jhumkas in your jewelry box, decision-making becomes complicated when your wardrobe is flowing with western outfits.

Fret not, in order to stylize your jhumkas, get a few jumpsuits out of your wardrobe. You can even transform the accessory into beautiful hair accessory with a pinch of unconventional tinkering.

  1. The MaangTika is not just for the bride

Fashion industry breaks stereotypes, and one of the best examples is the MaangTika.

Add more drama to your look by donning your western outfit with a maangtika. There are several designs of maangtika available such as flat pendant, spherical-shaped ones known as borla, the Nawabi ones, and whatnot.

The maangtikas will blend elegantly with long and flowy gowns and wavy tops.

  1. Payal goes with everything

Gone are the days when payal was only donned by married women. Whether or not you are single, you can conveniently don those payals on western outfits, especially jeans.

While payals are generally worn with jeans these days, you can try them out with short-length dresses and shorts.


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