An Interview does not only assess your cognitive and verbal abilities but also assess your overall representation, especially your outfit. The interviewers will keep a keen eye on what you wear, and that is why you must not lackadaisically approach the dressing-up issue.

There are a number of things to be kept in mind while dressing up for an interview. You may find a few of them trivial, but let not carelessness have any sway over you.

In this article, we have picked out five common mistakes people commit while dressing up for interviews. Keep each and every point in your head for your own sake!

Five mistakes to avoid while dressing up for an interview

1. There is no room for nail art

You may be a nail art enthusiast or an artist, but you cannot let flashy nails inside an interview room.

Remember to keep your nails trimmed and neat, and if at all you want to keep them polished, go for neutral shades of beiges and white. Also, do not be tempted to wear fake nails, because the interviewers do not give a damn about how funky your style is.

2. Say No To Wrinkled Clothes

We know how troublesome it may get to iron your clothes, especially the formal ones; but you must take up this painstaking job—it will greatly improve your job prospects.

Many wonders why wrinkled clothes would end up giving a wrong impression—well, wearing wrinkled clothes is a sign that you do not take your personal lifestyle seriously; that you are disorganized.

If you are volunteering to work in an organization, you will have to work methodically. So, it is absolutely necessary that you get your clothes cleaned and ironed before you walk into the interview room.

3. Keep Glamour out

You may be the talk of the town because of your exceptionally glamorous fashion choices, but the interviewers would not care unless you have applied for a job in the fashion industry.

Tone down your appearance into a formal one—avoid wearing deep neck tops and miniskirts to interview.

Well, we agree that clothes should not be tools for judging one’s worth, but, you know, not everyone shares that opinion.

Keep it simple and do not show off too much skin.

4. Too makeup will not help

Makeup is another thing to be kept out of your dressing-up session. It is highly recommended that you keep makeup to the minimum.

Too much makeup gives out a wrong message: that you are trying to get ahead by leveraging your appearance not mind. Well, this suggestion may not be well-founded, but, we cannot easily change the prevalent mindset.

5. Don’t Sweat It

Yes, sweating is a sign of stress, and if you let your interviewer know about your psychological condition, you may end up in a mess.

It is common, though sadistic, for interviewers to employ nerve-racking methods to stress out interviewee, and the more stressed out the latter, the worse the former becomes. Thus, DON’T SWEAT IT!

If you are on your way to an interview, keep your blazer properly hung up so that you stay cool. Also, you can check out a number of remedies available to reduce perspiration.


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