Culottes offer an Incredible concoction of comfort and class, but there is a way to demonstrate the inherent benefits of this amazing wearable, and therefore, in this article, we have taken it upon ourselves to highlight a few really good ways to style these beauties.

Within a span of a couple of years, Culottes have become one of the hugest fashion trends across the world, and this makes it all the more important to style them properly. There are several ways to be creative with culottes, but not all work out as well as you want, and therefore, you must take every word here seriously!

Five ways to make your culottes look perfect

Without further ado, let us explore five ways to style your culottes and make them look flawless as ever.

  1. Matching top-wear

Now, you may have a perfect pair of culottes, but, if you do not have the right kind of top-wear, then you will come out as an utter fashion failure. Go for cold-shoulder, tropical printed, Bardot or strapless tops to accentuate the shape of your body.

Since culottes are conventionally Spring attires, it is recommended that you wear bright or pastel colored tops to make the entire look chic, just as this woman’s

  1. Wear trainers

We all know the common advice “wear heels with culottes”, but, trust me, they are not indispensable to culottes fashion. Instead of going with heels, you can try trainers—not the hi-top ones but slip-on skate shoes. They will go perfectly with your fashionable bottoms, without causing any inconvenience to your feet.

Give a pair of bright colored sneakers a try to really know how much cooler you’d look in those culottes!

  1. A leather jacket

Leather jacket looks bold and stylish, regardless of what you wear with it—they will look equally amazing with culottes.

One piece of advice, though, that prefer those which fall on or just below the waist to ensure the quintessential biker look. Additionally, maintain the top underneath streamlined to come out with a smarter and more casual look.

In case you cannot really imagine how the style will work out, then why don’t you feed your imagination with this style by clicking here.

  1. A shirt

One of the many advantages of wearing culottes is that they give away a formal touch no matter how much casually we style them. So, imagine wearing them with a shirt—wouldn’t the entire attire look elegant and formal?

People have started wearing culottes to the office, and many of them pair these bottoms with a formal shirt. To give more definition to your look, add a belt.

Still, ain’t satisfied? Well, check out here and you will be convinced.

  1. Keep it as simple as possible

The last point is a valuable tip for everyone who wants to seriously do justice to culottes. You should stick to neutral tones and light accessories; go for a color palette of cream, brown, navy and black to enhance the shape of culottes.





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