Fashion always has an occasion, and you cannot mix different kinds of fashion without considering the setting—this is particularly true for office settings. Fashion experts list that many people end up making the most outrageous blunders in their office-wears that need to be absolutely avoided at all costs.The office setting is formal and relatively restricted. The threshold of fashion goes stricter and therefore, even while experimenting, you cannot ignore the fundamentals of office lifestyle. It is to ensure that you do not make such mistakes that this article will talk about clothing and accessories that should not be worn in formal settings:

Five things you should never wear to office

Here are five things you should not wear in office:

  1. Tracksuits or leggings

You may have a friendly relationship with your colleagues and share all kinds of stuff with one another, but that does not offer a good excuse to you for wearing leggings or track pants in office. An office is not gym or marketplace where you can simply walk in with a pair of leggings or tracksuits on and behave as if nobody cares.

Avoid wearing anything which is made of spandex in office.

  1. Thongs

The thumb rule is to maintain a professional image in your workplace, and how you do that? You accomplish this task by avoiding casual footwear such as crocs, boots and of course, thongs. Wearing such footwear will create an impression that you consider workplace as home and do not take work seriously.

  1. Facial piercings and tattoos

It is in common knowledge that facial piercings and tattoos are not generally accepted in corporate workplaces. In fact, many workplaces around the world refuse to entertain applications if there are facial piercings or tattoos. For instance, Japan, where tattoos are still considered taboos since the Japanese associate tattoos with Yakuza.

Avoid facial piercings and tattoos, and if you have any, get them removed. There is no place for so-called funky people in corporate culture!

  1. Miniskirts or midriff tops

Another important rule of the workplace fashion is to avoid anexcessive show of skin. You may have the perfect body, but do not show them off at workplaces.

Garments such as hot pants, plunging necklines, midriff tops, deep V-neck tops and shirts, and torn trousers do not project a positive image to other people. These attires are suited for other occasions, but certainly, have nothing to do with professional settings.

Wear comfortable formals which do not put your body on exhibition!

  1. Hats and capes

You are not vacationing anywhere so keep hats in your wardrobe. In workplaces, you are protected from sunlight, pollution, and unruly wind and thus, do not wear hats here. If at all you brought along a hat, make sure you put it your bag or somewhere else but not your head.

The same rule applies to capes—you may love fashion but there are limitations imposed everywhere which you must acknowledge. Do not wear capes in office; they just take away the much-needed professionalism.


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