Fashion is occasion-specific—you have to be mindful of the occasion before getting outfits of your wardrobe for gussying up. At times, we tend to take the whole thing about dressing up too casually and end up creating problems for us, and sometimes, for others.
In this article, we will talk about planes and what to wear on a place. The topic is of relevance since many of us do not know but reckless fashion on place may cause problems, and if you are not sure what I am talking about, why don’t you read about Lady Gaga’s 2010 plane incident and you will know better.
Five things you should not wear on a planeAs for the article, let us find out five things you should avoid wearing on a plane:

1. Tight clothing

You can only enjoy air travel if you feel comfortable, and one of the easiest ways to make yourself comfortable is by wearing breathable fabrics. Tight clothes should be avoided as they curtail the flow of blood in the already restricted space of the seat.

Do not go for tight, skinny jeans and instead wear light coloured, considerably baggy clothes to allow your body to breath!

2. Perfumes

When we travel for a great number of days, we often end up with over-used clothes which could only be worn along with the heavy application of perfume or cologne. However, you know better that you will have to ditch most of the fragrance bottles during a security check, and let me make this easy for you by saying “DITCH IT IF YOU HAVE TO”.

Body odours are intensified on planes since the passengers are jam-packed and the air is regularly recycled, and at times, your perfume may create irritation to sensitive passengers such as asthma or allergy patients.

3. Avoid high heels

Heels are highly restrictive and are known for causing a number of problems such as chronic foot pain and hammer toe. Moreover, unlike what we see in movies, high heels work awfully during exigencies. It is, therefore, highly recommended that you wear comfortable, flat footwear, preferably shoes or flats to ensure maximum mobility and minimum or zero pain.

4. Avoid offensive clothing

What offensive is may be subjective, but you can determine its contours by considering the nationality of the airline, the destination to which the plane is bound, and other factors. The bottom line is to avoid wearing excessively revealing clothes and wear comfortable casual wears if you are running out of options.

A tip to everyone is to avoid wearing clothing with curses and other forms of statements that may potentially cause disruption, and keep this in mind especially when you are travelling abroad.

5. Contact lens

In-flight fashion avoids contact lens.  The air in a plane lacks humidity and that is why flying could be an uncomfortable experience at times. Keeping the dryness in a plane in mind, do not wear contacts because it will become really uncomfortable when your eyes dry out—get a pair of glasses to handle this situation.


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