Celebrities have always tried to catch our attention with their stunning looks and incredible choice of clothes and accessories. Be it a typical red carpet look or the hot night out chic appearance, these celebrities are undoubtedly the biggest fashionistas and role models for many. They are always ready for new experiences with their dresses, hairdos, or for anything that makes them look different. Given below is a list of top 10 celebs with best fashion sense.

1. Taylor Swift

taylor swift

With a ladylike appearance, Taylor Swift has become a style muse to many. She is one of a kind celebs who choses her fashion sense from countless designers. She looks classy and stylish in her unique fashion flair.

2. Zooey Deschanel

zooey deschanel

ZooeyDeschanel is known for her cute, innocent and eccentric looks. Describing her fashion sense, she defines vintage trends and looks outrageous when she mixes old styles to give a totally new appearance.

3. Rihanna


The favorite of almost all the youngsters, Rihanna is known for her melodies and descants. When we talk about the celebrities with best fashion sense, Rihanna is seen flaunting her flawless gowns, wearing street style fashionable tees and shorts. She manages to look fabulous since she pulls off almost every look.

4. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton grabs the attention every time she steps at a star event. She has never been in media for wrong dressing and fashion sense and is known for her chic style image.

5. Olivia Palermo

When it comes to talking about natural beauties, Olivia is one such celebrity who has always picked her style smartly. She is definitely an inspiration when we talk about carrying short denims, funky tees, hot dresses and statement jackets.

6. Emma Watson

Always in headlines for her chic style, Emma gave a new meaning to fashion when she decided to chop off her lovely locks. She is seen carrying bold looks and is a well-known fashion celeb.

7. Leighton Meestor

She is one such celeb whose fashion sense and styling is talked on and off screen both. Her fashion pickups are greatly admired by the designers and youngsters as she manages to steal the public attention so gracefully.

8. Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is a fashion icon to millions of people. Flaunting her chic style image, she is the top rated fashionista. She believes in remaining two steps ahead of any current fashion trend.

9. Katy Perry

katy perry

Known as a singing sensation, Katy Perry is nowadays looked upon for her sensational style. Experimenting with clothes of almost all types, she looks glamorous and remains totally updated with the latest fashion styles.

10. Kate Moss

Known for her unique styling and originality, Kate Moss always remains fashion forward.


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