Japanese fashion may remind you of traditional yukata or kimono, but it has gone beyond conventional trends and created many styles which are peculiar to Japanese society. While some trends have become internationally renowned, some have attracted attention due to their inherent distinctness, and, if it is appropriate to say, weirdness.The Japanese society has witnessed a surge in styles and subcultures which are shaping the fashion industry, and, thus, we have decided to bring forth some of the most peculiar fashion trends to have come from Japan.
Six peculiar fashion trends in Japan

Here are six peculiar fashion trends in Japan that will surprise you totally:

  1. Yanki and Bosozoku

In the early 60s, bike gangs called Speed Tribes or Bosozoku became increasingly famous in Japan. In the following decade, girl bike gangs started emerging and by the 80s, the number of female bike gangs became prominent in Japan. These girls, yanki¸ were heavily inspired by the Sukeban and the Bosozokuand donned a white cloth circled around the chest called sarashi, a guaze mask and a tokkofukkurobe. The riders were also known for their heavily customized bikes which they rode across the streets as a display of their power.

  1. Ko Gal

KoGal  was first used by Japanese media to refer to a young girl who earned $4000 per month in paid dating with older men. The wordKo  means child and Gal  means girl. Ko Gals usually portray themselves as young girls wearing shiny and kawaiiaccessories. These girls would wear school uniforms, but with shortened skirts, bleached hair, tanned skin, and loose socks. Another aspect which is characteristic of KoGals  is their tendency to remain glued to their cell phones, and this is attributable to their popularity as one of the most enthusiastic technology user-groups in Japan.

  1. Manba

The word Manba is derived from another Japanese word Yamanba, which essentially means an unsightly witch from a famous Japanese folklore. Manba girls are known for their participation in Para Paradancing, which basically comprises synchronised movements against techno music. As far as their clothing style is concerned, it is flashy, decorative and trendy. These girls put on heavy make-up which consists of big white circles around the eyes and white lips.

  1. Lolita

Talking about the popularity of Japanese subcultures across the world, Lolita deserves a special mention. The Lolita fashion has become such a popular phenomenon that there are many international Lolita brands such as Metamorphose, Baby the Stars and Angelic Pretty.

Largely influenced by music, the style has many variations. For example, Gothic Lolita features black frilled clothing; Sweet Lolita features heavy usage of bows, lace, and pastels; then there is punk Lolita, which features chains and plaids in combination with frills; Wa Lolita embodies conventional Japanese clothing.

As far as accessorizing is concerned, Lolita features bonnets, head-dresses, parasols, frilled socks, petticoats and rocking horse shoes.

  1. Decora

The fashion style became popular when the cover model of FRUiTS, Aki Kobayashi, first sashayed it during the photo-shoot for the first issue of the magazine. Soon after the release of the first issue, the fashion style became a rage among young girls who soon indulged themselves in the making of eccentric accessories.

Every Decora outfit is peculiar, but there are certain shared similarities such as excessive brightness, cute textures, and decorative additions. Another common aspect is the fact that Decora girls wear aheavy amount of barrettes, plastic accessories, colourful socks, neon skirts and cute character goodies.

  1. Kigurumin

Kigurumin was a short-lived fashion style which lasted from 2003 to 2004. The style featured cheap animal costumes, flashy accessories and heavy manba-styled make-up. The girls would be seen carrying animal purses and handy accessories wherever they went.


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