The fashion world is creative. Well, we know about that very well, but sometimes it surprises us to the extent of shock, making us wonder why the fashion designers think of such bizarre ideas. There are many examples of weird fashion out there, and we have thought of exploring some really unfathomable fashion accessories which seriously blew away our mind. These examples transcend all known boundaries of the fashion industry, and every time you look at or read about them, you will feel baffled. So, without a further ado, let us see seven really weird accessories that will blow away your mind:
Seven crazy fashion accessories which will blow your mind
  1. The Hula Hoop bag

Who would have thought that fashion enthusiasts and creators will come up with something as bizarre as a hula hoop bag? The Hula Hoop Bag by Chanel is the first one on our list, and there is no reason why it should not be. The bag features a huge size and hula hoop design that make it all the more noticeable.

I wonder what the whole point of carrying such a large bag around in the first place is! But, never mind, it is fashion.

  1. The Lunch Bag

You know about those cheap paper bags you get at food outlets such as McDonald’s—no one will consider them as part of the fashion industry. Well, hold on a bit, since we have some really shocking information to give about a clutch bag which is just a brownish paper bag. What adds to the surprise is the fact that is priced at $290.

  1. The Selfie Sombrero

Everyone is acquainted with a phenomenon called Selfie, and it seems that the phenomenon has taken over the fashion world, inspiring the latter to come up with all kinds of stuff supporting selfie-taking activities. We bring to you one such accessory—the Selfie Sombrero.

The Selfie Sombrero, designed by Christian Cowan-Sanlius in association with Acer, is a huge, super huge Sombrero that allows the convenience of a Selfie wherever you go.

  1. The Tears

Tears are symbolic of two extremes—immense happiness and utter sadness, and it would be impossible for an ordinary person to believe that they can have materialistic value in the form of fashion accessories. Well, it is high time we changed our beliefs since there is a fashionable invention out there exclusively for your eyes.

There is tearjewellery for your eyes which isactually in the form of contacts with dangling tears. The jewellery is supposed to shimmer in the sun. just like tear drops. The designers state that the fishing line is thin and impalpable and will not affect the eyesight.

  1. The Blonde Ambition

If you don’t know already, KobiLevi is famous for his peculiar shoe designs, and we are here to talk about one under this head. The Blonde Ambition is a pair of shoes that was inspired by Madonna’s look in the 90s, in which she wears an iconic cone-shaped bra corset. Levi took that look quite seriously and incorporated the same in this weird pair of shoes.

Well, it is still an international hit so we cannot complain beyond this!

  1. The Grudge

We are talking about the Ines Figaredo head clutch, and why do we call it the Grudge—because it reminds of the girl from the movie Grudge. What is an additive to the creepiness of the bag is the fact that human hair, real strands of hair, was used in its making!

  1. The Fish Bowl

Cassandra Verity Green designed handbags and backpacks for carrying fish wherever you go. Well, it may sound convenient, but it will be a strange sight for people seeing walking fish bowls roaming across the street.


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