Fall has at last arrived, which implies capes, gloves, and wide-overflowed caps! Genuinely however, dressing for colder climate (unless you are stuck in the high temperature wave like the tropics) is so much fun. So get to layering and be as energized as we are about these fall style patterns! And no one can do it like how they do it in the movies. With some exuberant and traditional dressing, it’s no wonder these people don’t love to faun in front of the camera.

Here are 10 amazing autumn style inspired form 10 landmark films that are sure to leave you mesmerized and wanting for more.

Love Story (1970)

love story (1970)This tragic love story between two lovers isn’t as tragic when it comes to its bubbling fashion. The fall numbers have always been a point of reference for all trendy people. With fashion numbers starting from the 70’s inspired flares, belted coats and big colored button downs, where else would you need to look but here?


Visualize Merida wearing a faux fur-trimmed cape, a green tassel scarf, black boots to clop down the cobbled streets, hair tamed with a cute bow knit band and some serious bangles on her hand. Now imagine yourself in that attire.

Annie Hall

annie hallFree spirited Annie’s boyish styles fit the fall perfectly. Ties, vests, overcoats, with just a hint of button down peeking out from under them, oh the glory of the fall!


You might be wondering what a film about cats can inspire you, right? Well think again, the use of pastel was so profound in the movie it was a subtle them all together. From floral printed skirts to powder blue woolen clothes, to sparkly green shoes, everything was gorgeous.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day OffFrom Sloane’s flawless white fringe leather jacket, to Cameron’s old school red jersey, to Ferris’ T-shirt and also Jeanie’ pale pink patchwork jacket, what’s not to like about this film?

Robin Hood

Let’s go doing well for the poor while donning on a perfect Robin Hood style cargo green shirt and cuffed chino pants. Cognac booties, a slouchy olive green beanie and a red crossbow fringe bag. Somehow, Little John would have to approve this look.


The best of the fall fashion style would be the one Casey Becker wore on the night of her death. Faded jeans, cropped cream sweater, purple lipstick, everything was perfect, right down to her platinum bob.

101 Dalmatians

Okay, you have got to agree, it doesn’t matter what type of a person Anita was, she was the most fashionable character in all of Disney’s exports. An olive green floral dress, D’Orsay style flats, burgundy gloves, cat eyed sunglasses, and a colorful felt hat, Anita rocked the chic look.

Legally Blonde

legally blondeElle Wood’s Harvard outfit didn’t make much of a first day impression at the top law school in the country, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t one of the most awesome outfits in the history of fashionable movies.

Marry Poppins

marry poppinsAn oversized grey chunky cardigan, a red scarf, oxford flats and a black wide brimmed hat. There you go.


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