Exposing and flaunting the shoulders in off shoulder crop tops, dresses and long tops is nowadays considered a new style statement. Since it looks sophisticatedly sexy, off shoulder dresses are all about flaunting your femininity, delicate collar bones and sleek neck lines. There is something extraordinary classic about dressing up in an off shoulder dress but there are some important tips that should be kept in mind and below given are some of them:


  • Know your body shape: It is very important for you to know the body shape you have. There are many different types of body shapes such as apple shaped, pear shaped, wedge shaped, rectangle shaped. Choose the off shoulder dress accordingly so that the dress doesn’t look weird on your body structure.
  • Balance the entire look: If you wish to define your style different from rest of the people in the crowd, make sure that you balance the look entirely. Style your hair in a bun style or a side braid so that the shoulders are shown off. In addition, you can pull out some strands of hair to make your appearance endearing.
  • Accessorize is must: Make sure to choose perfect accessories matching your off shoulder outfit because it will enhance the delicate collar area and the sleek portion of your neck. Use such jewelry that will accentuate and draw the people’s attention towards your exposed shoulders. It is your personal choice to choose between a dainty neckpiece or a bold necklace.
  • Choose the appropriate lingerie: While you select an off shoulder dress for yourself, make sure to choose the matching lingerie. It depends whether or not; you wish to expose your bra. If your off shoulder dress would not look good with the exposed bra straps, then go in for strapless bra. The bra that you should chose should offer full support and should not make your bodice look loose or wobbly. This will lead to a fashion disaster!
  • Use proper makeup so that the blemishes are covered: Since your off shoulder dress would expose the collar and the neck region, make sure that you cover all the undesired marks and blemishes with a good makeup. Do not apply excess of makeup because it might pull away your natural appearance. Use a good quality concealer to cover up the spots and blemishes so that your skin appears smooth and gentle. Using a highlighting powder will give a shining effect to your collar bones and would further enhance your looks.


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