Men’s fashion can be trickier at times, especially when it comes to colours. Colours are many, and this creates a lot of problems in decision-making since men’s fashion usually does not follow a vibrantly coloured style like that of women’s. However, this does not mean that colours do not have any importance at all in determining men’s fashion—in fact, there are specific sets of colours which correspond to the mood and needs of respective seasons.Five colours men should wear in winter

In this article, we have attempted to highlight the relevance of colours in respect of one particular season—winter. Read below to know about five colours which men should wear in winters:

  1. Spruce

Green always reminds you of the evergreen beauty that characterises summer, and this gives us a warm sensation we so dearly crave for in winters. But, there is yet another variant of Green, which is as magnetic and comforting as the parent colour—Spruce. Spruce is an excellent amalgamation of warmth, which is characteristic of Green, and cosiness in the form of blue notes. Spruce gives a more masculine touch to the appearance, and that is why you often see the colour in sports outfits.

Spruce goes amazing with silks and leather. If you are not sure how to go about it at all, then go military this winter by wearing bomber jackets, overcoats and slim-lines cargo trousers. You will look stunning!

  1. Tobacco

The Tobacco shade is back in vogue, years after it went viral as part and parcel of disco fashion. Some notable examples include the Tom Ford’s collection, which used the tobacco shade as a background on jackets, and also Berluti, which made significant use of the colour in its striped bomber jackets.

Fashion experts recommend donning the tobacco shade with neutrals—particularly something which is more brownish and less orange. The colour sits well with bright colours such as ruby and emerald. One classy way to effectively don the colour is by wearing a T-shirt or crew neck under a sapphire overcoat. Wouldn’t that be sweet!

  1. Copper

Copper is a really sexy colour, considering the distinct lustre and class it has to offer to the wearer. It is among the most popular shades for winter clothing, and there is no reason why it should not be. The colour was made popular during the 70s, and now is attributed to modern, urbane look.

The Copper shade works remarkably with default winter colours—grey, navy, black and white. It dwells the best in outwear, especially those made of wool, giving a gorgeous depth to its beauty. The colour, if worn smartly, gives a bold but sophisticated appearance to the wearer.

  1. Charcoal Grey

Winter wardrobe must have Charcoal Grey. The latest winter fashion trends have voluminously incorporated the Charcoal Grey element, and the public has taken quite an interest in it. The colour is reflective of sleek and moody, and is absolutely necessary for short-time outwears. Two of the major advantages of wearing this colour are that it gives a classy touch and makes you look leaner.

Charcoal Grey can go with any colour which is not too loud or fancy. If you are confused about other colours to wear along with, then go for neutrals.

  1. Concrete

Men’s winter fashion is usually characterised by dark shades, but this does not mean that light shades do not have an honourable place in winter fashion. One such light shade without which winter may look damp is concrete. It is a wonderful colour, especially when you do not want to carry heavy colours. An amazing point about this colour is that it blends well with nearly every dark shade, but it is recommended that you add touches of colours such as green to it. Fashion experts recommend the use of green, brown and blue as base colours for donning concrete colour flawlessly.


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