Do you have bushy and unruly eyebrows? The kind like Anne Hathaway’s from the Princess Diaries before her makeover? Well, guess what? May be it’s not that bad to have bushy and large brows in today’s day and age. After all, it is what is setting up the buzz all over.

Also it is better to have bushy eyebrows than thin and almost non-existing ones, because, you can always put them in proper shape. However, there are ways to treat your brow problems even if you are one those people who obsessively keeps tweezing your brows to a point where it refuses to grow back. Here are some amazing tips to make sure you have a pair of amazingly stylish brows like celebrities.

1. If you want to be like the poster child of brow perfection, like Camille Belle with expertly shaped luscious arches you can do that with an eyebrow pencil or even brow powder. All you need to do is stroke the sparse areas in between your brows and VIOLA! You can flaunt your beautiful brows for the next party in town.

camille belle2. Do you want a perfect 10 for your brows? Then try giving it a look like Kim Kardashian’s. Remember that your brows are supposed to lie square on your brow bone. If you do not understand what it means, then feel your brow bones with your fingers. Do you notice the natural shape of the bone right above the socket of your eyes? Yes, that is what the brow bones are. Your brows should be perfectly aligned along that line. It should also ideally originate from the bridge of your nose and end at the corner of your eyes with an arch which should be two thirds of the tail.

kim kardashian3. If you have a rather straight shape of your brows like that of Natalie Portman’s then you can simply clean up a little bit of your fuzzy extra growth and give it a perfect straight shape with that little bend at the ends. Although some stylist may prefer tweezing others are strongly against it. Stylists who are for tweezing do say that tweezing your upper eyelids and forehead can save you from that overly bushy look, because even if though they are tiny hairs a cluster of it can give you a dark fuzzy look. However, most stylists advice against it. Sure the extra growth of tiny hairs might give you that dark fuzzy look, but it can be handled by a professional stylist instead of a home based method that includes a pair of tweezers. Thus it is best to consult a professional in this matter. They would know whether to tweeze, thread or wax them. However, do not forget to let your stylist know exactly how you might prefer them to be.

natalie portman4. If your brows are rather on the thinner side you may want to style it like CharlizeTheron. She has a pair of perfectly elegant brows that thins out at the side but hits a graceful arch just outside the iris. Remember that your thin brow lines probably would help you get such a result without much work.

charlize theron5. If you want to flaunt Angelina Jolie style eyebrows which are perfectly symmetrical arches then try using a stencil while you give your brows that extra boost. You can use the stencil while tweezing, waxing or even when applying makeup. This way there is no risk of over or underdoing any of the brows thus preventing your makeup from getting messy.

angelina jolieIt is probably best to remember that your brows can make or break the way you look on a large scale. They define you, so you need to have them defined and well groomed. Do not tweak with them if you do not know what you want or what you are doing. If you want a particular solution it is best to seek expert advice from a professional stylist.


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