Pregnancy is indeed the best and the most special phase in every woman’s life. But when the body goes through so many changes, women often choose to keep their dressing simple, or compromise of fashion because of the baby bump.

But it is important to keep in mind that you can look equally glamorous and sexy in your pregnancy as well, provided that you know the right fashion tips to follow. Do not get embarrassed of the extra fat you gain or the baby bump, instead, flaunt it like a diva! Read the tips for a fashionable pregnancy below:

tips for being fashionable while pregnant

Consider your Shape

Keep in mind to dress up according to the shape of your body. Take time to know your right body shape and keep in mind that the clothes which suit others would not necessarily suit you. Make sure you try the outfits before buying it.

Visit a Mom to be Store

Do not but your outfits from a normal garment store or boutique. Make sure you buy them from a shop which specially sells clothes or pregnant women. This is because such shops sell clothes according to the belly size of each month’s pregnancy and you would get the perfect fit. With this, there is no need to compromise by wearing overall loose clothes.

Take Care of the Inner Wears

Take care that you wear comfortable undergarments as you need that extra comfort during your pregnancy. Wear the bra or knickers especially sold to be worn during pregnancy. Make sure you wear the correct size which defines the shape correctly as well as give you the right comfort as well.

Buy Comfortable Basics

It is very important to keep in mind to invest on the basics like a comfortable pair of denims, pencil skirts or a trendy dress. You should choose the clothes which come in an expandable waistline so that your increasing baby bump fights right in the clothes.

Wear Maxi Dresses

You should opt for wearing maxi dresses as the look the best on pregnant ladies. Be it day or night, you can pull them off on any time as well as occasion. Choose to wear dresses with a large hemline.

Choose Single Colors

You should choose to wear single and block colors over prints as they make you look more lean, tall and slim as compared to prints and patterns.


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