We all make fashion mistakes, and the celebrities are not too different from us on this issue. But we can get away with a fashion mistakes, whereas, the media and fashion houses would not let the celebrities to get away from that situation. Thus, if a celebrity once makes a fashion mistake, that incident remains etched in the public memory for a long time, and people keep making fun of the person concerned.

biggest fashion faux pas by celebritiesFashion Mistakes by the Celebrities in Recent Times

Let us look into some biggest fashion faux pas that some celebrities have made in recent times:

  • The person who has received probably the worst comments during the last few years was Miley Cyrus! Her wardrobe almost went from weird to does not exist mode. Just when people called her “white fishnet with fur sleeves” that she wore for a Las Vegas music award show was labeled as the most bizarre outfit even by her standards, she went on to MTV music award wearing a dress with the pictures of  Diddy and Tupac on her buttocks! The dress, to most people seemed quite discomforting, if not downright vulgar.
  • Another person who was in the news for the wrong reason was Rihanna. In a recent award show see was seen wearing a sequined sheer dress which showed too much for the popular liking. However, this controversial dress also won some accolades from a few fashion writers and stylists. They praised Rihanna for her courage to wear such a thing which seemed too risqué for many others.
  • Among male celebrities, young singing sensation Justin Bieber has been continually panned by fashion critiques for the lack of his fashion sense. His drop crotch pants, or his converse or jeans look has been severely criticized on many occasions.
  • Kim Kardashian is generally praised for her fashion sense. But during her pregnancy, many of her ensembles came under some serious flacks from all fashion experts. It was said that they looked either too tight and uncomfortable, or too weird.
  • Coming to weirdness (or creativity of an eccentric sort) no one can beat Lady Gaga. Her meat dress however was severely criticized by all for being almost abominable.

It is obvious that celebrities have to be very careful when they are out in public. One false move and it will seem that people will go all up criticizing their dressing sense.


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