Apple shaped bodies women have “heavy-top”. This implies that the females who have an apple shaped body structure have broad shoulders, wide torso area, heavy bust line, bulging waste and upper back. They tend to have thinner legs, arms and hips and gains most of the weight in and around the waistline area. Be proud if you have an apple shaped bodice and be ready to completely flaunt it. Follow these simple tips to dress up your apple shaped body.


  • Make sure that you buy those tops and tee shirts that are ruched or pleated from the middle. This will not make your bulgy tummy look prominent and hence you could easily flaunt your lower region.
  • Choose the V neck tops because this will help in giving a defined shape to your heavy bust. V neck tops will help in breaking the size of your chest and therefore creates a vertical line.
  • For the purpose of camouflage, choose such dresses and tops that have some detailing on the tummy region.
  • You can select those tops and dresses that would make your arms look more prominent. For example, select the flair dresses, or balloon sleeved dresses because this will draw away the attention from your tummy.
  • Strictly avoid wearing thick and tight belts because it would make your belly look more bulgy. Avoid any dress or an outfit that has something different in the belly area.
  • Clingy shirts and short dresses are just not perfect for the apple shaped women. It is so because short dresses tend to shorten the looks further and makes your torso look wider and broader.
  • Woven tops with thick and flown textures are ideal for the apple shaped body structure. This is so because it will distract the attention from the bulged out tummy or the wide shoulders.
  • Another great tip for all the apple shaped women is to buy shirts. Shirts look best when they are tightest underneath the bust region and go in loose till the waistline. V shape shirts are ideal for flaunting your apple shaped body design.
  • Tailored and structure jackets that have nice silhouettes are the perfect options for apple shaped body people. Wearing such jackets over your tops and shirts will help in defining the waistline.
  • Choose such dresses that have their waistlines just below the bust. This makes your body looks thinner and toned.


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