You won’t find any shortage of makeup advises these days. Everywhere and anywhere you go, you will find self-proclaimed makeup artists, suggesting you with their expert makeup recommendations and facts. You will get to know the new “do’s and don’ts” of makeup application and its techniques. Summing it up, there are thousands of makeup tips and myths without any specific validation behind them. Given below are some of the makeup myths.

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  • Darker tone foundation makes your skin look tanned: It is very important for you to choose the appropriate face foundation. The foundations that are darker in color make your complexion looks dull. Always select a natural color foundation, matching your skin color.
  • Expensive cosmetics are better than the inexpensive cosmetic range: This is by far considered as one of the biggest makeup myths. The fact is that every brand offers good and bad products. There might be some products that are good in expensive cosmetic price range while there are some which might be good in lesser price frame. Since most of the cosmetic and makeup stores allow you to test the product before buying, make sure to use this facility before making a choice.
  • Apply the concealer before the application of foundation: The opposite of it is actually true. For the best makeup results, you should first apply your foundation and then apply the concealer. The application of foundation will help to cover your blemishes and dark spots and the concealer applied thereafter will help to enhance the finishing.
  • Waterproof mascara is a better option than the regular mascara: This is a yet another makeup myth in the minds of many people. Unless you are going to an event or a party where you expect to be crying or just dipping your face inside the water, using waterproof mascara is of no use. The fact is that waterproof mascara is difficult to remove as compared to the regular mascara. In an effort to remove your waterproof mascara, you will end up pulling out your eyelashes.
  • Using an eyebrow pencil of exactly the same color as that of your eyebrows: Many people think that they should use an eyebrow pencil matching the color of their eyebrow. This is a makeup myth! Always use a lighter shade eyebrow pencil to enhance the natural beauty of your makeup.
  • Lip plumper can increase your lip size: Many people suggest using a lip plumper for the thinner lips to look broad and bigger. Lip plumper contains cinnamon and caffeine that irritates. Instead of using a lip plumper, go in for natural lip color makeup application.


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