Whether you are going for a drive to attend a family reunion, or taking a train to spend a good weekend, or planning to travel halfway around the world, beauty travel tips are must to be kept in mind. With some of the skin care tips, you can mark your vacation, business trip or a home coming with a pleasant smile. Given below are some of the important skin and beauty tips while you travel.


  • Moisturize your skin: It is very important that you apply moisturizer to your skin before you travel. It is so because wherever you travel, there might be some change in the climate. Your skin might get badly affected due to the adverse dry weather conditions. Application of moisturizer will help in balancing the skin tones.
  • Carry blotting papers: If you know that you have an oily skin, do not forget to carry blotting papers with you while you travel. Before your skin blots out the excessive oil, use a good quality blotting paper or a rice paper to keep yourself fresh.
  • Skip those lipsticks which are long-lasting: While you travel, do not apply long lasting lip shades on your lips. This is so because in long duration traveling, the lipsticks will completely dehydrate and parch your mouth. It might also smudge and give an uneven texture to your lips. It is therefore advised to use a medical lip balm or a clear lip gloss for the purpose of traveling.
  • Wash those puffy eyes: When you know that you are going to travel for long hours, always remember to keep wet tissues or a washcloth with yourself. Dip the washcloth in ice cold water and apply it under the eyes. This will help in reducing the under eye puffiness that you might get after a long trip.
  • SPF is an important thing that you should carry: Do not forget to carry SPF cream or a good brand sunscreen lotion with you while you plan to travel. If you are traveling at higher altitudes, you get closer to the sun’s harmful radiations, which may snatch the nutrients from your skin. SPF acts as a barrier between the sun’s radiations and your skin and thus maintains the hydration level.
  • Carry face wash: There are higher chances that while you travel, your skin gets exposed to dirt and dust particles. Also, due to the blotting of excessive oil from the skin, you may face the problems of acne and pimples. It is therefore advised to wash your face with a good face cleanser, almost every 4 hours.


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