Photo shoots are done on the days which are most memorable ones. They are weddings, bachelorette parties, baby showers or a modeling shoot. No matter what the occasion is, you need to look the best for a photo shoot and below given are some of the tips which will help you look glamorous for a photo shoot:

tips to look glamorous during photo shoots

Eat Healthy

Make sure you eat a healthy and oil free diet which contains fruits and green vegetables at least a week before the photo shoot so that you get an inner glow for your skin because makeup does only the external work and inner glow is important too.

Start the Makeup with a Primer

Primers act as a perfect base for your makeup. Primer smoothens the skin and fills fine lines and imperfections so that the makeup appears soft and natural.

Apply the Makeup Evenly

When you apply makeup, you tend to concentrate more on your face and ignore the neck. This is a very bad idea as the tone difference between your face and neck easily shows on camera. Hence, you should apply equal makeup on the face as well as the neck.

Use an Eye Concealer

Dark circles are a very common skin problem these days and hence, you should always remember to use a good quality under eye concealer which matches your skin tone perfectly. Make sure you choose the right tone as a whiter tone would make you look kind of ghostly.

Use a Bronzer

Bronzers help you define your face. Apply it on your jawline so that the face looks well carved and in a perfect shape. Bronzers make the face look prettier in front of camera even if it does not show much normally.

Eye Makeup

Take care that your eye makeup is done perfectly. Use a dark eye shadow with for your eyelids and apply an eye liner on it because eyes need to look well defined on camera. Applying high definition dark black mascara on your eyelids will help your eyes look volumized.

Use a Bright Blusher

Use a bright red or cherry colored blusher so that your face looks radiant on the camera. A blusher makes you look very beautiful and hence, do not consider forgetting to apply it at all.

Feel Relaxed

Do not make yourself nervous at all. Stay relaxed and happy from inside and you will definitely look the prettiest.


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