When it comes to a retro day celebration where you have to dress up like retro characters, you always get confused as to what you should dress up like. You indeed want to carry the best outfit and get compliments from everyone and for that, you can take help of below-given get-ups according to the decades. You can choose the decade which you love the most and dress up accordingly. It is important to have a complete look at the decade to look perfect in your retro dress:

outfit ideas for retro day


The 1950s retro look can be carried by the girls by wearing poodle skirts along with crinolines, cardigan sweater sets, saddle shoes, and anklets. If you want to carry a more casual look, you can opt for jeans which are rolled up to mid-calf and a loose tailored shirt along with penny loafers as footwear. Boys can achieve the 1950s look more easily by wearing a black leather jacket and turning the collar up. A more dressed up look would be wearing a varsity jacket with chinos.


Girls can opt for wearing outfits matching to characters from famous shows like ‘That Girl’ or ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’. Boys can opt for wearing fitted suits like the ones seen on the Beatles in their initial years. Girls can also wear a Hawaiian dress with sandals.


Boys can wear the iconic and famous leisure suit or a three-piece suit made up of polyester fabric. If you want a casual look, boys, as well as girls, can wear dyed shirts with bell-bottom jeans and platform shoes which were most popular in the 70s. Girls with long hair would indeed carry the 70s look most efficiently by leaving them loose and accessorizing them with big flowers. Another choice for a look would be big framed spectacles for guys. If girls plan to have a dressy look, heavy winged eyeliner is a must.


For getting the perfect look of the 80s, wear something bold. You can wear jackets with big shoulder pads, red-framed glasses, heavy and chunky jewelry and large handbags. Girls can wear stockings or tight leggings with shorts or miniskirts with ballet slippers as footwear. Boys can wear a white jacket with a bright colored tee inside and for a classier look; they can wear a golf shirt and keep the collar up.


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