Red dress is an evergreen outfit which will never go out of fashion. Red has managed to be the hottest and the most glamorous color of all time. It suits on every complexion and red makes any girl look her best. Hence, it is important to add up to this glamour even more by accessorizing a red dress the way it deserves, so that you whenever you wear it, you look breathtakingly beautiful. Below given are some tips for accessorizing a red dress which will make the onlookers drop their jaws when they see you.

accessorize your red dress and look stunning

  • Wear a Golden necklace. Gold and red have always been two colors which always compliments each other. Wear a delicate piece of golden neckpiece, depending upon the neckline of your dress. If it is tube or off-shoulder, wear a short neckpiece and if it is a dress with sleeves, you can opt for a long chain.
  • Pair it up with earrings. You can choose golden or diamond studded earrings. If you like wearing long ones, choose to tie your hair or make a bun so that the earrings are visible.
  • You can wear a black belt, the ones which stretch or simply the ones which compliment your dress. Make sure it is not loose for your waist size.
  • Opt for a bold shoe, either the one which matches with your dress, or you can choose to wear a black one or gold/silver one. Make sure that the shoes are clean as footwear is often ignored as an accessory but it is equally important.
  • Carry a clutch or a handbag. Choose colors like gold, silver, black, maroon o yellow and avoid shades of blue, green, purple and orange. You can also carry a sling bag.
  • Do not include too many red accessories. Try having contracting colors for your accessories as they are more attractive to the eyes than those of matching accessories.
  • Do not ignore your hair. If you want to leave them open, make sure you comb them well and iron or curl them. Plain hair does not look good when you are wearing a good outfit. Also select hair accessories like a nice clip or brooch in order to fix it in your hair. If you choose to make a bun, opt for a messy bun rather than a normal one.
  • Wear a thin bracelet or a watch to add a more classy look to your dress.


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