Sunglasses are not just essential items to protect your eyes from sunlight but are an integral part of style and fashion. A good pair of sunglasses can totally enhance your look and appeal and add an edge to your appearance. There are so many amazing brands and styles of sunglasses available in the market these days that it can be easy to be spoilt for choice. If you wish to know about the top sunglasses styles in the world at present, you can go through the following given information.

top sunglasses styles in the world


Aviators are definitely the trendiest kinds of sunglasses styles in the world at present. Besides the classic aviators which have a dark metal frame and reflective or smoked lenses, there are many other kinds of aviators available these days.  Aviators work well on all age groups and on both men and women. They look absolutely maverick and you just cannot go wrong with them.


Browline sunglasses too are in vogue these days and will be seen a lot more in 2016.  These sunglasses have a thick top frame which runs across the brow line and have extra thin rims around the bottom half of the lens.  A lot of celebs today are carrying these glasses to up their style quotient.

Cat eye

The fashion of the cat eye sunglasses is back in the world again and these glasses are being sold off pretty quickly.  They were originally made famous by stars in the 50s like Audrey and Marilyn but are back again and how! They look classy mostly on females but if you have the right face shape and ofcourse the confidence to carry them.

Round Glasses

Round sunglasses simply don’t go out of fashion, do they? Round glasses look good on almost all facial shapes and look very classy. They have a chic appeal associated with them and are being sold by almost all brands and in many colours and sizes these days.

Retro Square

The retro square sunglasses are also in fashion currently and are one of the topmost sunglasses styles in the world. These glasses too look good on faces of all shapes and are a must have for sunglass lovers. Retro Square is available in popular brands like Chanel, Dior, Armani and many more.

So which sunglass style will you buy this year?


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